LM’s 2nd Birthday party and Pumpkin Picking!

Our gorgeous girl turned 2 on Saturday and I think it is safe to say she had a lovely birthday… even though I’m pretty sure she didn’t really get what was going on!

We started off with presents on our bed. The lighting for these shots is terrible and we’re obviously all very sleepy but I love the happiness nonetheless. There were some lovely siblings moments where Monkey helped LM open her presents (and play with them haha) and she was definitely very excited by them. photogrid_1477313258576

After a speedy tidy up of the whole house and finishing off the cake (which was the 2nd attempt, see here for some laughs about how the cake was created) it was time for a bit of a party. At this age we tend to keep it to just family as like I say she doesn’t really know what’s going on, and we are so lucky to have so many family close by anyway that even with just family we have quite a full house! She thoroughly enjoyed all of the attention from all of her favourite people and got lots and lots of very lovely presents. photogrid_1477313545981

It’s worth noting how well Monkey coped with the whole day. He had a great time on the whole and really wanted to help LM with opening her presents even if he was a bit overexcited at times, and definitely more excited than she was! We did have some jealousy though over some toys and I think it was quite hard for him. He’s never had to share the attention in quite the same way before as last year she was so little and he could play with what he wanted really, whereas this year she was more possessive over her toys, and we had to explain more than once that it is her birthday and they are her toys. All just part of the learning process when you have siblings but definitely interesting to watch!photogrid_1477313615391

With all the presents opened and fun had with all her new toys (though the paw patrol characters were by far her favourites, should’ve known!) it was time for some food. We just did a simple buffet and then it was time for cake, which was very nearly a complete disaster. Still, it tasted good!

After the party had wrapped up and LM had had a little rest (she rarely actually naps these days but does sometimes want to have some quiet time in bed) we really felt in need of getting out for some fresh air. After seeing so many shots on social media lately of pumpkin picking adventures I was keen to head over to our local pick your own farm to join in the fun. They had a Halloween trail which Monkey adored and they had hung some “ghosts” in the trees which actually Monkey found hilarious.photogrid_1477313811759

The trail also took us past some ploughed fields and Monkey loved balancing on the mounds of mud. LM tried too but she was less successful!photogrid_1477313888347

The Pumpkin patch itself was great fun. It was quite busy and it was lovely to see so many families out picking pumpkins and filling wheelbarrows. Monkey and LM loved looking at all the pumpkins and Daddy took the actual choosing of our Pumpkin very seriously while LM got distracted by some flowers!photogrid_1477314011580photogrid_1477314149585

It was a lovely day for our little lady’s birthday though we were all completely shattered by the end of it! I wonder what we’ll get up to for her birthday next year?

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19 thoughts on “LM’s 2nd Birthday party and Pumpkin Picking!

  1. Wow, it sounds like a lovely, full day. I remember the sibling rivalry from my youngest turning 2 as well, totally different to when she turned 1. I’m glad she had a lovely day.

  2. Ah, it sounds like you all had a lovely time. I’m glad the birthday celebrations went well and glad that your eldest coped so well with it – we have two children with a similar age gap so appreciate the difficulty of that! The pumpkin PYO farm also looked great fun.

  3. Aw looks brill and I’m sure she loved her presents and being fussed. The pumpkin places are brilliant fun and really makes Halloween. Glad you had family time and Monkey coped ok. There is always that bit of jealousy…I remember that!! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  4. Ahh what beautiful pictures. I feel like I was invited along your childrens adventures for the day. Love the pumpkin patch pictures too. Such a lovely thing to do to get the little ones outside and into some fresh air x Renee @peonieandme #bestandworst x

  5. Happy 2nd birthday, to LM, where has that time gone? What a perfect birthday you created with all the right ingredients for a 2 year old. It looks full of love and excitement from presents in bed to that lovely looking afternoon in the pumpkin fields. I feel like I am missing out on Pumpkin fields with none that I know of in Cornwall.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  6. Aww, happy birthday LM! It’s always hard for the other sibling at birthday time, even when we give the other sibling a present too, it’s never as exciting as the pile the birthday child has! On O’s 5th birthday we could distract his little brother with balloons, but it will be hard trying to convince O not to take his little brother’s toys in January! I love the Paw Patrol cake too, what did you use for the tower part? The pumpkin picking looks brilliant, such a busy day for you all! Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

  7. Yay i am so glad the cake worked in the end! I love birthdays at this age, with just family aound. I am dreading mine getting older and wanting a real party! Such a lovely time of year to have a birthday too – the pumpkin picking looks such a fun birthday activity! #CountryKids

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