Making good progress

My work of the week this week is “progress” as we are making some great progress, on a number of fronts.

I wrote last week that we are starting our new big project, and honestly the builders have worked so hard and only 1 week later, the progress is incredible! They’ve obviously got a way to go yet but the work is well underway!


The old garage is feeling much more like a room, now the stud work is up, it is insulated and has the plasterboard up. The new, larger window has been created and the old garage doors (front and back) are well and truly gone. The foundations have been dug for the new wall on the garage and what will be our utility room, and today these were filled with concrete.

It’s very exciting though my word could also have been chaos as of course it has been noisy and hectic and a bit chaotic having the builders in – and they will be around for a while yet!

We’ve also made some progress getting rid of some of the old stuff from the garage and have sold a few things on ebay, which is brilliant. No point stuff we don’t use going back into the new garage! We’ve given away lots of baby clothes and other bits including a moses basket and nursing chair to friends. We know we aren’t having any more babies but it is lovely to see our bits go to a good home,

We are also making progress in a totally different area, potty training Monkey! I haven’t mentioned it but we also started potty training last week and Monkey has been doing amazingly. We’ve had less than 10 accidents all week and he is getting better and better at telling me he needs to do a wee (rather than just going when I take him). He goes a couple of hours between wees and has even had a few dry nights which we are hugely impressed with! I will write more about how it’s gone in a later post but I am so glad we waited until he was ready.

We tried earlier this year and he wasn’t ready, but now he is and he has just got it straight away. I know we all feel the pressure to do it early and having a 3 year old in nappies certainly what I thought would happen but waiting until he was really ready and following his lead has been absolutely the right thing for us. It has actually been really easy, which is a huge relief, and it is lovely seeing him in pants rather than nappies!! 🙂

In many ways it has been a tough, and certainly busy, week with the builders, LM and I have a cold and Monkey is a bit ratty and not 100% either. But it is good to feel like we have made some great progress and are really getting somewhere!

How has your week been?

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11 thoughts on “Making good progress

  1. Wow things have really moved quickly and it is looking great. I would find it chaotic too as I just want things to be done NOW! Glad things going so well with Monkey and the potty. I have learnt you have to wait. My girlie knows when she is pooing and so do we but she refuses to sit on the potty at that point. Just letting her go with the flow xx #wotw

  2. Glad things are coming along nicely for you!,
    I would want everything done yesterday :).
    And well done Monkey with the potty training, I think it is so much better for them to do it when they are ready, adding pressure just delays it all.
    Have a great weekend x #WotW

  3. It’s coming along great, I can’t wait to see the finished results. Well done Monkey on the potty training, we’re trying with Harry and he is just having none of it! x #WotW

  4. Wow! That is fantastic progress, it must be such a good feeling to have a new space coming together. Great news on the potty training too, we’ve found that ours have been ready in their own good time… and no sooner! #WotW

  5. Loads of progress! The builders have got lots done already, though I can imagine the chaos, too! Well done to Monkey. Sounds like you waited for the right time with him, and he’s doing so well 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  6. Things are moving on a-pace, you can really see it in the photos. Thinking about it this was probably the ideal time to start potty training, and it seems to be working.
    Well done all round, sounds like you’ve had a really rewarding week

  7. I can’t believe how quickly it’s coming along! It’s exciting to see it making good progress, I am so impatient I would be twitching wanting it all to be complete asap. Hah.


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