Stopping swimming & Monkey’s First Fairground Ride

Saturday was one of those days where things just didn’t quite work out the way we wanted them to. Lots happened but also lots of things went wrong. We had an early morning scooter session then Monkey and Daddy went for a walk to splash in puddles, only to discover that one of Monkey’s wellies had a hole in – cue one soggy foot and unhappy Monkey! Then I went off for a hair cut and Daddy and Monkey went to their swimming class. I haven’t really blogged about it before but Daddy and Monkey have been going to swimming lessons… and they haven’t been going that well.

Monkey is apparently very upset for most of the class and though he always says he has enjoyed it when he comes home, the look on Daddy’s face and Monkey’s red and puffy eyes tell a different story. After an 8 week term of unhappy Saturdays (Daddy finds it very tiring and frustrating and is in a pretty miserable mood for the rest of the day) we have decided not to carry on the lessons for now. Hubby wants to try and take Monkey swimming just the two of them with less structure, and then try the classes again maybe next year.

We want Monkey to enjoy swimming but with the baby due to arrive in a couple of weeks we figure taking one less stressful experience out of the equation is the best thing for now. We have found time and again that Monkey will take to things in his own time, and pressure doesn’t help him. So time to take a step back and revisit swimming lessons another time.

Anyway, after lunch, to try and get Daddy out of his funk, we popped into town to look at getting him some new glasses. It was sadly a catalogue of minor errors, including somehow not putting enough money in the parking meter, Monkey falling over and banging his head, and after spending ages trying to keep an eye on a 2 year old while Daddy tried on various glasses, eventually choosing a pair and going through the fitting process….. only to be told they don’t fit on his head because of the position of his ears(????). It was a very frustrating visit and we came away empty handed!.

One positive to come out of that trip to town was that there was a fairground ride not too far from the opticians that Monkey was fascinated by. To keep him entertained while Daddy was going through the fitting process Monkey and I went out to have a watch. He has never been on one of these before and normally anything like this that moves really freaks him out. He expressed an interest in going on though so I decided to brave it.

I somehow squeezed my 38wks pregnant lump into a train on the ride and sat Monkey on my lap. Long story short, he absolutely loved it!! He was dinging the bell all the way round and absolutely loved it. The photos aren’t exactly amazing as they are just selfies on my phone but I think they capture the moment pretty well 🙂


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Then it was home for Monkey’s naptime and to cheer Daddy up (who’s mood had understandably not improved) it was time for some naughty food and a daft action film. Thanfully this worked and he cheered up so I had 2 much happier boys for the rest of the afternoon! Phew!

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13 thoughts on “Stopping swimming & Monkey’s First Fairground Ride

  1. Aww! It sounds like you are doing the right thing about the swimming lessons….He has plenty of time for them in the future!
    Fab photos….It looks like you both had a fab time on the fairground ride x

  2. It sounds like the right decision for now – swimming without the structure of lessons may be better for the moment. You can always pick them up again at a later date.
    Love the ride photos, and sometimes naughty food and a film can do the trick! #SSAmazingAchievements

  3. Defo aggree with the others that have said stopping swimming lessons a good idea for now. My 4 and 5 year olds have never done structure once a week lessons they have been taken swimming most weeks since they were babies and have had four lessons last summer hols and 4 lessons this summer hols. The elder one who was 5 in Aug can now swim on her front and back unaided. The younger one who was 4 in Sept can swim underwater untill she needs to breath and can star float on her back

  4. Hello there, this is ace and it’s amazing how the fortunes of the day can turn in an instant into something which makes everyone happy again! I share your pain with the swimming lessons, ours started well but are decidedly unpredictable! Really enjoyed your post and loved the photos xxx #ssamazingachievements

  5. He looks so happy! My pair love rides, so theme parks are a hit with them, but we don’t go on the rides around town otherwise they’d always nag for them when we shop! Boo didn;t get on with her swimming lessons either, so that’s something for us to revisit at some point. You’re right, no point in making it stressful x

  6. Aww…. it sounds like you are doing the right thing with swimming, there is no need upsetting him when he is still so little, I hate glasses shopping, with a passion, and don’t take the family along now, instead braving it with the opticians opinion. Naughty food and a good film always help lift our moods too. 🙂 #countrykids

  7. I agree with you on not pushing them into doing things they don’t like especially with things like swimming. It’s a very important skill and pushing them when they’re not quite ready could lead to them not wanting to swim at all. It looks like you and Monkey had a fabulous time on the fairground ride, Monkey looks so happy to be having a go on it! Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  8. You’ve done the right thing, no rush when it comes to swimming or anything with kids really, they can go at their own pace and yes it’s best to get them swimming early but we couldn’t with Oliver due to glue ear and are starting in the spring. School lessons don’t start until they’re 6 anyway! You are a great mum, always go with your gut #countrykids

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  10. Sounds like you had a complete nightmare! I’m so glad you found enjoyment in the ride. I’m very impressed you squeezed your bump into the ride. Love the photos #SSAmazingAchievements

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