The BEST Word of the Week- Monkey’s First Word!


We have an actual word from our little Monkey! He has said Go once before, a while ago, but it was never repeated. Then this week he started saying it again. To start with we weren’t sure. Is he just saying ‘ga’? But then he was pushing a car and he definitely said ‘go.’ We quite often say ‘ready, steady, go’ when playing with cars, so this made sense.

Then, in one of his Spot books there is a bit where you say ‘let go’ and he repeated ‘go’ back when Daddy said it to him. Then if daddy asked, can Leo say ‘go’ ? He said ‘go.’

I know this may sound daft as it’s such a small word but we are so excited! It’s been a long road to get here, I’ve talked about it many times and wondered if it was somehow my fault that he has been a late talker. We’ve been seeing progress over the last couple of months so I was worrying a lot less – but it is a huge relief to have that first word!

It is also quite an apt word as it really has been all ‘go’ this week! My car had it’s MOT and service, and now needs new tyres, boo :(. It’s also car insurance renewal for both our cars. Thankfully we have a savings account for car related things!  

Monkey had a doctors appointment this week too. He’s walked with is feet pointed out since he started walking at 10 mths and we’ve been waiting to see if there has been any improvement, but there hasn’t, so we have finally taken him to the doctors. Monkey was very good and his shyness has improved so much as he let the doctor move his legs about and we had no fuss at all! The Dr said it is probably nothing and he will probably be fine but has recommended we get him checked at the hospital just to be sure his hips are ok. So I am pretty nervous about that but best to be sure!

We’ve also found out this week that our tenants for my flat (where I lived before I met hubby) have given notice to leave at the end of March. So now we need to see what condition it’s in and try and sell it (again). We are hoping that the market has picked up a bit so we can sell it now, and still get out the money I originally put in. It would just be a real weight off our minds if it sold, but there’s work to be done before we can get it to that point.

This week hasn’t all been bad, we had a lovely Pancake Day meal with hubby’s family and Monkey likes pancakes – but only with golden syrup and whipped cream on hehe! We have also been busy doing lots of work and organising for our Operation Garden Renovation, which included finally ripping down the shed and arbor, and having a big bonfire in the garden! More to come on that next week!!

But, yes, Monkey is right, this week has definitely been all ‘go!’

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43 thoughts on “The BEST Word of the Week- Monkey’s First Word!

  1. Hooray! So pleased for you, and clever Monkey, of course! It sounds like it has been all go, with so much happening there. We had to get Boo’s walking referred as she had a really wide gait when she was little, so we had to see the experts at the children’s hospital. They were confident she’d just grow our of it, and sure enough, she has – you’d never know she had any issues at all looking at her dashing about now. Hope Monkeys gets on well with it, too. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

    • Thank you! We are dead chuffed! It has been such a busy week this week! Thank you for telling me that about Boo, it makes me feel much better about it! I’m sure they’ll say the same with Monkey. It was the nursery nurse at his 1 year check that first made a thing out of it and with the 2 year check looming I didn’t want her to berate us for not getting it checked out – so fingers crossed the hospital will tell us it’s nothing to worry about! xx

  2. What great first word! I hope everything will be fine with Monkey’s feet (my son walked with his feet pointing inwards for ages and would often trip over his own feet, but it’s settling now at 3.) and I’m looking forward to the bonfire post 🙂

    • Thank you and fingers crossed. Oh I’m glad his feet are settling, it’s funny how these things can sort themselves out. Ooh yes, stay tuned 🙂 xx

  3. Wow you have had a busy week! Its funny because no matter how logical you are about the fact that they’re all different and it takes varying amounts of time for any given child to master any given aspect of development, it is still a little worrying when it is your own child and you are in the thick of it! I still worry about EJ’s speech, especially when I just read that Jocelyn’s Little Man (who is a month younger) is learning a new word every day!! I think EJ is just too laid back though – he knows that he can make himself understood in many ways through sign and body language and he certainly understands everything we say to him and follows instructions to the letter (when he’s in the mood!). I never bothered with his two year check up. I think sometimes those Health Visitors are just there to quote you a bunch of statistics and put the fear of god into you when its all just subjective opinion. Of course if you have a particular issue though and you want to seek reassurance or a referral then that’s different.

      • Ha ha I did wonder at that when I read it, thought I had got his age wrong in my head or something! You’re right though and it doesn’t matter how many people say it, or how many times you tell yourself that they will get there in their own time, you can’t help but worry! And compare them to other kiddies their age or younger! Monkey sounds very similar to EJ in that he makes himself understood and he can absolutely understand what we say to him, and hasn’t felt the need to talk much before now. I am glad we are finally getting there though! Ha ha I totally agree about Health visitors, I didn’t know you could not go, I’d be too scared they’d get me in trouble or say I’m not looking after Monkey properly or something! But then I do tend to over-worry and over-dramatize things! 🙂 xx

  4. Well done Monkey! I worry about my little ones speech- hes nearly two and has a few words (if you know him and know what he might mean) but not much and they seem to come and go. Not looking forward to his 2 year check at all as they terrified me at his 1 year one as he wasn’t walking and apparently this was awful. Now of course he tears about the place like a mad thing!
    Anyway- lovely to read about making steps and good news on the flat

    • Thank you! Oh I am glad it’s not just me that’s a bit terrified of the 2 year check. I keep trying to find out what they ask him to do so I can see if he does it/ I am glad we have a word, I just hope we have a few more by then! A friend was recently told at a 2 year check that the little one should have 5 words, but because her little girl didn’t say all 5 words during the check they didn’t believe it and marked it that she couldn’t. Now, a couple of months later, she has started chatting away, so I keep trying not to worry but also don;t want to feel like a bad mum! Thanks for the lovely comment and good luck with the 2 year check! xx

  5. Great first word! Hope this is the beginning of many once he gets going! Glad the dr made a referral – always better to check things out properly than wait until it’s too late to do anything. Good luck with the flat too. Sounds like a busy week! #WotW

    • Thank you, I really hope so. Yep, very true, we’ve actually had the letter already so wont have to wait too long to find out! Thanks it really was! Xx

    • Thank you! Yeah, it’s weird though as he has had them checked once already, because he was a breech baby he had an ultrasound at a few weeks old, but it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry! xx

  6. WOW you have had a busy week. A very good choice for a first word. Go was Ethan’s first official word too, we discovered it in the middle of a speech therapy session! It is funny you mention your guilt about the late talking but before I know about Ethan’s autism his lack of speech was something I blamed myself for. I’m sure lots of new words will follow that very special GO!

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

    • Aww love that they have the same first word! We now have ‘two’ that has come along and hopefully more will follow soon! xx

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