My word of the week this week is Rest.

It is half term next week and for the first time that really means something to us. Monkey’s first term at playgroup has gone really well, he loves it and talks about it all the time. But, I do feel he is quite tired. He only goes 2 afternoons a week but I still feel that it has tired him out, just as it is such a new  addition to his routine I suppose, meaning regularly missed naps and a busy week overall as he still has other activities such as Rhyme Time and Tumble Tots. He has come down with a bit of a cold this week and I just feel having a bit of a rest from playgroup will do him good 🙂

We also had quite a restful weekend last week, we have been s busy every week since Christmas so it was nice to have a bit more of a chilled one. We saw some friends for a coffee on Saturday morning and also saw Hubs’s parents as his Dad is recovering from a shoulder op. Then on Sunday we kept to ourselves and stayed home – and cleaned the house from top to bottom. Not exactly restful to spend a chunk of the day cleaning but it did us good and we did get to rest once the cleaning was done!

WP_20150211_14_35_27_ProThen the best reason that Rest is my word this week is because on Wednesday managed to get a rest. A real proper full day of rest at a spa! Not a regular occurrence for me at all! It was part of my best friend’s hen do and 4 of us headed to Ragdale Hall for the day. All I can say is that it was blissful and I felt so so rested for the first time in a long time. It was hard leaving the kiddies, particularly LM as I certainly never left Monkey this early (she is only 3 1/2 mths old) because I was breastfeeding. Because LM is on formula I do have the freedom to be away from her on occasion but that doesn’t make it easy. It was a wonderful day but I really did miss her! Such a soppy Mumma. BIt also broke my heart a little to hear that Monkey had asked Daddy at bedtime “When’s Mummy coming back?” I know they were fine and does them no harm to be away from them, it just goes against your instincts a little I think.

It was amazing though as Ragdale has a fantastic Thermal Spa with tropical showers, a candlelit pool, thought room, outdoor spa pool with massage jets and waterfalls. It was blissful. We spent the day mooching around in our swimming costumes and robes, feeling so dozy! We did intend to take part in some exercise classes but there was so much to do we didn’t need to, and actually felt so rested we didn’t want to. It was an amazing day and lovely to be able to spend time with my friends and properly talk without kids running around us or taking our attention away. Very very peaceful and I felt well rested by the end of the day.

Unfortunately I came home to a Daddy who was very much in need of a rest after a stressful day with LM – I have been saying for a while she is teething and I think a tooth may be about to erupt, there is a sharp ridge on one bit of her gum and she is very unsettled at the moment poor thing. We have an amber anklet, teething gel, various teethers and teething granules but sometimes the only thing that will settle her is good old baby ibuprofen. Poor thing really needs a rest! Daddy is off to see his business partner’s new house today so hopefully he will get a bit of peace and quiet on the car journey, even if it isn’t that restful it is less stressful than a screaming baby!

How has your week been? Are you feeling rested?

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17 thoughts on “Rest

  1. You definitely deserved that rest hun!! Sounds lovely and glad monkey settled. Hope the teeth don’t bother LM too much. So hard for them ️xx we getting a rest sat night…babysitters in hehe x

  2. That sounds like a lovely way to spend the day. Having time away really does help, despite the guilt that goes with it. I’m so glad you took full advantage and i hope the teething settles down-horrible isn’t it x

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely day to unwind.
    And I hope Your Little Man enjoys his time off Nursery, the days can be so long for Little Ones, it really can be quite tiring for them bless.
    Enjoy your Weekend 🙂

  4. Oh how lovely that you got to enjoy a spa-day – always good to get some time for yourself and am sure it was much needed. Jessica has been quite tired this week as we come to the end of her first half-term and I am hoping that the rest from preschool will do her good next week – hopefully it will also be good for Monkey too. Hope you all have a lovely weekend and that the teething eases soon for Little Miss x

  5. Great word, and I’m glad you enjoyed your spa day. It is hard leaving them, especially when they’re so little, but you needed it and it sounds like it’s done you good 🙂 As for poor old daddy, he’ll get some rest today! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  6. I saw that you went to a spa for the day. This was something we were going to arrange for my birthday but have decided to do something else now. This might have been the wrong choice ;0) It sounds like a rest was what you all need, I hope you enjoy Monkeys first half term x

  7. Wow that sounds amazing! I could use a day like that for sure. It is really hard to leave a little baby though I well remember that feeling and it is a bit stressful to know that your other half is taking up all the slack and may well do an ‘immediate handover’ when you walk in. The joys of motherhood! X

  8. The kids and I definitely needed a rest from the routine of school this week, so I have purposefully planned as little as possible, so that we just take it easy, rather than racing from activity to activity, before launching back into term! So rest indeed! BTW, re the tooth, I’ve never done it but apparently in France the trick used is when you can see the tip of the tooth about to pierce, you “help” it along by taking a sugar cube and rubbing it on the gum – the sugar eases the pain, and you help pierce the gum. I’ve never dared though! Thanks for linking to #AllAboutYou lovely xx

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