Big cuddles

Tuesday didn’t get off  to a very good start this week. In fact it started to go downhill on Monday night. Hubs was out for dinner with hiw workmates and it was the kids and I. The kids were happily in bed and all seemed well, then around 9pm Monkey woke coughing. He hadn’t been poorly at all during the day, in fact he had been full of beans so it was a bit of a surprise. The coughing lasted a while and sometimes when he gets woken up this early he is so tired that he gets himself really worked up. And this is what he did, so worked up in fact that he made himself sick, all over me and a towel I thankfully had to hand.

I calmed him down and he went off to sleep but I was on edge the rest of the night worrying that he was actually sick (rather than just getting himself worked up) so I was awake at every sound.  Hubs came home around midnight and Monkey woke coughing again at around 1.30am though he did manage to get himself back off to sleep. I was up for the day with LM at 4am as is pretty regular but after such a broken night I was exhausted.

LM can be pretty fractious at the mo due to her teething which isn’t fun and Monkey was not in good spirits after a broken night either, he was definitely coming down with a cold. Hubs was leaving at 8am to have breakfast with his business partner before heading off to Essex for a meeting and all  I can say is that I really wasn’t in the best mood. It wasn’t terrible, Monkey and I had some fun doing his favourite thing, gluing and sticking, while LM was asleep but I was so tired and pretty grumpy. I just couldn’t snap out of my funk.

After lunch Monkey had some renewed energy and was haring about the place and somehow we came up with a new game. He would back up to the living room door, open his arms wide and shout “big cuddles!” I was sat on the sofa and would play around with my arms saying “small cuddle?” with my hands close together, or “BIG cuddle” with my arms as wide as possible. Monkey then ran towards me with a look of glee on his face and we had big giggly cuddles. We played this for a good 15 mins until LM woke up and it cheered me up no end. Big cuddles really can make you feel better!


This is the best photo that I could get as I got told off by Monkey and told to put the phone down haha. You get the idea though anyway I’m sure 🙂

Later in the day Monkey was playing hide and seek behind LM and I was grabbing him for more cuddles and he announced “good hugs Mummy!” which again just made me smile.

Just a lovely little ordinary moment of fun giving each other lovely cuddles that turned the day around and definitely improved my mood :).


9 thoughts on “Big cuddles

  1. We have had our fair share of broken nights this week with both the little ones having hacking coughs, it really throws you doesn’t it especially when you have little Miss waking you too. I am glad that your day got better and yes cuddles are the best. Fun games with our little ones always brighten up the day. I hope tomorrow is a better day x

  2. Its nice that your children can cheer you up as well as get you down! My EJ has been starting to have night terrors I think which is a bit exhausting with him waking up crying every five minutes, but he’s just so cute right now it makes me smile 🙂 X

  3. It’s nice that your children can cheer you up as well as stress you out! My little EJ has started having night terrors recently and it’s been a bit exhausting with him waking up crying every five minutes. Two and half is such a cute age though, he is really cuddly and so earnest about everything, it’s really cute. Xx

  4. Oh I always run to my children when I am stressed. Bless you. Sounds like a great moment. My kids always ask for their photo now against various walls it’s hilarious. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

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