Siblings February

I am loving watching our two little’uns grow together, and joining in with the Siblings Linky really makes me stop and notice their relationship. At the end of January I wasn’t sure whether I would have much to join in with this month. Monkey seemed content to ignore his little sister for the most part and any display of affection was far too fleeting to capture. He loves her, he talks about her all the time and names the 4 of us and regularly talks about how we are a family. When naming characters he sees in books he always a finds a little one that can be called LM , but he didn’t seem that bothered with her.

Then he seemed to see that she is growing and changing. We have his old jumperoo down which fascinates him by itself (yes he has tried to get in it, no that is not happening :)!) and he loves it when she is in it. She isn’t overly excited by it yet I have to admit but he legs it over to her whenever she is in it, to show her all of the toys “look a sun, look a rainbow.” He insists on squeezing behind it, next to the wall and crouching down to her level where he sits grinning at her and stroking her, or rather tickling her “tickle, tickle!”

LM has been a little bemused although as always she loves watching her big brother. Then  a couple of days ago I hear a shout from Monkey “look it’s happy, it’s happy!” as LM was giving him a huge grin. Bless him, need to work on “she” I think rather than “it” but he was so pleased to see her smiling at him!

So here are some cutie shots of Monkey and LM starting to have fun together! (And yes, Monkey had a haircut in between some of these shots :))

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35 thoughts on “Siblings February

  1. Oh I love the “it’s happy!” That’s just brilliant! The lovely thing about taking Siblings photos is that you get to see the development of a relationship over a few months so the fact that M isn’t that interested in his little sister now is going to be a beautiful counterpoint to the ones in a few months time when they’re as thick as thieves!!

  2. Aww that’s so lovely, it takes me back to my older two and watching them bond. There’s 22 months between them and now they are as thick as thieves (at 5 & 4), number 3 has really cool relationships starting with them both too. It’s so interesting to watch isn’t it x

  3. Aww beautiful, such a great time for them. I remember my two being the same, my son was always besotted by my daughter. Even now they love each other so much (most of the time), I love the second picture, you can just see the love. #magicmoments

  4. Lol, I love the ‘working on she rather than it’ line! It’s hard for younger ones to understand about babies-I remember my 3 year old asking why a visiting baby wasn’t talking. But once LM is able to interact more with Monkey that will all change 🙂

  5. It’s fab to watch as your children begin to interact as siblings. It’s great that Monkey’s finally spending time with LM as well as just chatting about her. Popping over from Magic Moments.

  6. Beautiful captures of Siblings sharing moments together.
    I too have a Little man who has recently became a “Big Brother” I often catch him kissing his little brothers cheek or talking away to him. x

  7. This is such precious shots. I love that you’ve captured this moment, especially the third down from the bottom. She looks like she adores her big brother so so much!

  8. This is so so cute! Some lovely pictures of them together!! I love that monkey shows LM all the different toys on the jumperoo, that’s so precious!!
    “It’s smiling” almost made me cry I loved it so much (blaming hormones!!!!!) xx

  9. They are so cute Caroline 🙂 I love how surprised LM looks in that second picture! I have to admit that JJ was the same when we first got the Jumperoo out for EJ and, in fact, he did manage to squeeze himself into it at the age of 3/4! It won’t be long before they are like two little peas in a pod and doing everything together Xx

  10. Such lovely photos of your two little’uns. Got to love the Jumperoo. We had one for M, and are about to start searching one out on ebay for F now that he is getting sturdier. Big siblings definitely start to take more of an interest when they get a few smiles and chuckles back, don’t they. Looking forward to following your posts as your two are at similar stages to my two. xx

  11. Gorgeous photos and how lovely to see the bond between Monkey and Little Miss growing and developing. I loved hearing about how Monkey pointed out the sun and the rainbow on the jumperoo and “it’s happy!” made me chuckle – am sure he will learn “she” rather than “it” soon but it is funny in the meantime! Thank you for linking up to #ftmob 🙂

  12. I love these pictures. I remember when my two were exactly the same. The eldest was way more interested in the jumperoo than the ban was. As someone said above, it’s going to be great to see the development of this relationship.

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