Shared Bathtime & Silliness, Siblings June 2015

With Little Miss getting older and more fun by the day her relationship with her big brother is really growing. She is now so stable when sitting up which has made a huge amount of difference – especially at bathtime! Sharing bathtime is just one of those childhood experiences isn’t it? Who doesn’t have photos of them with brothers and sisters sharing a bath? It is definitely something we were keen to start with our little siblings now that LM is reaching an age where they can have some fun together.



Sometimes they play seperately but LM just gazes at her brother in adoration the whole time.


She also loves splashing like mad (which gets both them and us soaking wet) and then looking to her brother for approval, which is just so cute!


I am looking forward to lots more bathtime fun with the two of them over the next few years!

There’s lots of other fun times now that LM is more and more engaging and is desperate to interact with her brother. Sometimes they play nicely and he will share his toys “Here you go” but other times he is less happy to share – which I think is pretty inevitable!


And just for silliness, I love this little sequence of photos. Sat together on the sofa, Monkey is trying to drink his milk but LM decides she wants it… as of course she wants whatever her big brother has. On this occasion he took it in good humour, but I am sure this will cause arguments in the future lol!

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How have your siblings been getting on this month?

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27 thoughts on “Shared Bathtime & Silliness, Siblings June 2015

  1. Such cute photos!! This post has made me realise I definitely want a sibling for Zach! I didn’t have a sibling until I was a teenager so I missed out on things like shared bathtime, and it looks like so much fun! xx

  2. Aw! That LM is just such an adorable little bundle!! My boys generally love bathtime together and the floor has been known to be awash with water after they’ve done their thing! Xx

  3. Lovely pictures – love her hopeful expression whilst coveting the milk! It’s been great at bathtime here since my little one could sit unaided – The Toddler loves having her baby sister in the bath with her! #sharethejoylinky

  4. Oh it’s lovely seeing them play so well together and it’s written all over their faces just how much they adore one another. What a lovely array of photos.

    Thank you for linking up to #sharethejoy !

  5. Lovely moments captured. My pair love their bath-time together, though I will warn you it gets crazier and more riotous the older they get! It’s definitely not a wind-down time here, they’re crazy at bath time! It does make a real difference when they can sit up as the interaction definitely starts to take off then. Enjoy xx

  6. Love all your photos, and they are so like our two. We can’t put them in the bath together like that but I’m sure they would have so much fun if we could. I love the photos of Little Miss trying to steal his milk. You can tell she adores him x

  7. Gorgeous moments to capture – love the way LM is looking at Monkey throughout – she clearly idolises her big brother. Shared bathtime is so much fun – we have that bath toy as well and my girls love it #sharethejoy

  8. Aww just how sweet are those adoring glances towards Monkey! And they’re both such sweethearts, I love the pictures of them all in the bath!

  9. Aw, those photos of them in the bath with LM looking up to Monkey is so cute! That’s one to keep. I used to like bath time together when they were little, you always get so many giggles in the bath.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

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  11. Lovely post and I can imagine the giggles generated through LM’s smiles, she adores her brother so much.
    Bath times were always so much fun when my T & D were younger, very splashy but fun.
    Looking forward to the summer holidays and the pool in the garden!
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

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