Siblings March 2016

I love watching my funny pair and seeing their relationship grow. They get on so well (for the most part) and have a lot of fun together. They obviously have their moments of irritating each other where LM screams at Monkey or he shouts at her and tells her off. But the fun times are more frequent.

On a rainy morning last week I set them up playing with lentils in the tuff spot. They started off playing happily side by side, then after a reminder from Mummy to Monkey that he needed to share the bowl of lentils, played together a bit.PhotoGrid_1457528322846

Then things got a bit chaotic, in the best way. I think LM started it but I wasn’t watching at that moment so I am not sure. What I did see though was Monkey pouring lentils on LM’s head. Then her tipping some on his head. Then this happened. Just lovely and thankfully they are both so tolerant of each other as they were having so much fun!


On another occasion, sat on the sofa watching TV, LM decided they weren’t quite close enough so started clambering onto her brother. He retaliated by holding a funnel on her head. As you do. She got annoyed and wanted off… at which point he clung onto her saying he wanted to cuddle her (awww) but she was not happy about that. It was getting a bit silly (not in a good way) so I separated them a little. LM hadn’t quite had enough though so carried on sticking her legs on him… at which point Monkey decided to go with it and started “fixing” her foot with the funnel. And she was completely tolerant of that. Random kiddies. PhotoGrid_1457528933011

Monkey has a thing at the moment where he likes wrapping himself in a blanket on the floor and being a caterpillar. LM loves it when he does this as she loves climbing on him haha.PhotoGrid_1457557914219

They really care about each other a lot too. LM has hated seeing Monkey unhappy and poorly with chicken pox last week and every time he cried she ran over with a very concerned expression to see if he was OK. And for his part, when I bring her down from her nap he greets her with “hello my darling, did you have a lovely sleep?”  What a cutie. 

There is so much I could say about this lovely pair’s relationship, so instead, here are some more snapshots of them together over the past month. 


dear beautiful

12 thoughts on “Siblings March 2016

  1. I love the way your photos capture how much fun Monkey and LM have together – especially the caterpillar ones and the playing with lentils in the tuff spot. I hope Monkey is feeling better now and I love that he asks LM if she’s had a good sleep when she wakes from her nap – so adorable 🙂

  2. You can really see the fun in their relationship, as well as the comfortable ease when they’re in one another’s company. I love the funnel on head and foot! And so sweet that they look out for one another x

  3. Wow so much playing, fun and laughter going on here this month. I love it. They are really bonding together as they get older and it’s so sweet watching them isn’t it? They seem to have grown up a lot lately too in the photos. I love seeing it. #siblingsproject

  4. Aw, such beautiful, memorable occasions of a lovely relationship. It is wonderful to watch these gorgeous moments and great to be able to record them to remember later.
    Thanks for sharing with #LetKidsBeKids

  5. Hope Monkey is feeling better after the ChickenPox X they look like they have a great relationship with each other. Love your blue TuffSpot we have a boring black one! #LetKidsBeKids xx

  6. Oh what a sweet relationship they have – they’re wonderfully tolerant of each other’s rough and tumble and they always look like they’re having a blast – oh they’re going to love these photos when they’re older!

  7. Oh my goodness, I’ve not popped by your blog in far too long it feels like and your beautiful two are growing up so much!! I love all the action shots of them together, you can see how amazing their relationship is! They look like they have SO much fun!!

  8. Aww they sound lovely together and look like they are having such fun! My two are very close so far – hope it continues! My eldest does sometimes do the forced cuddles of the little one that don’t go down well too, though! #SSAmazingAchievements

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