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I haven’t blogged much about my weight loss lately, mainly because I am not sure where to start! It is up and down and all over the place at the moment really. I have periods of time when I am doing really well, and others where I do less well. Like a lot less well.

Starting with the positive, I have lost weight. ย In fact at one point I had lost a stone! Wahoo! I got down to 12st 6, it was a very happy day for me, and it meant I managed to get back into my size 14 jeans, which was awesome! But I then piled on a few pounds again, then lost a few and then gained them back again. I am still in my size 14s buuuuut they are extremely snug again now so the 16s are more comfy again. Booo.

So what is going on? Well I can see why people like the 5:2 diet as it limits the amount of time you are actually on a diet. For me the weekends are the hardest times to stick to the WW plan. For the most part I have no problem with it as it is about everything in moderation, and even if I have a bad day and indulge in some chocolate, the weight has been coming off fairly steadily. But at the weekends it all goes to pot. Why? Because of socialising mainly. It has been a busy old year so far with take away evenings, meals out with friends and family, hen dos and meals round grandparent’s houses. I try really hard to check out nutritional info before I go and budget points…. but then I succumb, to peer pressure but mainly to temptation and my own lack of will power!

There is a bit of leniency in the diet, but lately I have been over indulging more and more. Part of the problem actually is that because I know there is a bit of leniency (and if I am a little naughty I should still lose weight – albeit a little more slowly), I take advantage of it. I push it too far. This last week has been especially poor and has very much stalled my efforts. We had a difficult week with a teething LM and as I may have mentioned before, I am a comfort eater, and so is hubs, so we both over-indulge when things are a bit tricky. On Saturday, for Valentine’s Day (we don’t normally celebrate it as we both feel there shouldn’t have to be a set day to do nice things for each other, but while things are a bit tough it was actually a nice excuse for us to make a little effort with each other!) we ordered a take out from one of our favourite restaurants, which was delicious and then on Sunday we went out for lunch with my brother and his wife. Lovely, but not good for the diet in the slightest!


Exercise really isn’t happening at the moment either. I bought a postnatal yoga DVD on recommendation and have watched it once. I want to do it but there is a bit of a sticking point for me at the moment. My knee. I think I mentioned that it was bugging me a few weeks ago and I assumed it was related to my back being a bit weak. I have been doing little exercises with my back and that is much better, but if anything my knee is a lot worse and is really quite painful.

I have had a couple of physio sessions for it which seem to help on the day but don’t reallyseem to help long term. I know I need to rest it but with crawling round after Monkey, on my knees changing nappies and being ordered to run around the garden, rest isn’t really happening. I haveย finally bought a decent knee support which definitely helps so hopefully that will help it get better. But at the moment exercise is a little off putting as I don’t want to make it any worse… though it may make it better.. I have no idea really.

After a very naughty weekend food wise I am ready to get back on the diet again which will hopefully help. Although another problem is that my best friend is getting married in a couple of weeks ย and I am a bridesmaid. My dress is already feeling a little loose so I really can’t lose any more weight… but staying the same is a bit tricky… Oh I will probably carry on yo-yoing a little with my eating until the big day is over and then I can try and focus a bit more and hopefully finally lose the rest of this baby weight and get into my 14s for good!

Fingers crossed anyway!

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15 thoughts on “Weight Loss highs and lows

  1. I am comfort eating for England at the moment (and probably piling on the pounds but I try never to weigh myself!). I blame the time of year – I just want to be hibernating. I hope you get on track with it soon X

  2. You are still doing well, it’s really hard when you have social events to stick to a diet and sometimes you just have to go with your gut ๐Ÿ˜‰ As for the knee issues, I’ve had really bad knee pain but continuing to exercise with my knee support seems to be helping, maybe speak to the doctor and if they say you can exercise then go for it. Also you could try glucosamine tablets, I found they were great, in fact I should go and get some more myself!

  3. Hi, I am co-hosting All About You today. Thanks so much for linking up with us. I am Ada. Up until 4 months ago I was a SAHM as well. I am now back to working. If finances weren’t a reason, I’d love to be home with my daughter again.

  4. I tried the 5:2 and ended up putting ON weight!! I think I was overindulging on the 5 days to make up for the 2 when I was fasting!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Re your knee โ€” ask your physio to refer you for acupuncture. I had it on the NHS, for a painful knee after pregnancy, and it worked wonders! Certainly better than the 4 weeks of standard physio I had beforehand!! X #allaboutyounow

    Caro | http://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk

  5. Oh hon try not to be too hard on yourself. I think health, diet and fitness should be a long term strategy which means highs and lows. You’ll get there. I’m sure you will look gorgeous for the wedding xx #thetruthabout

  6. It’s so tough to stay disciplined with the added pressures of parenthood… Even without all the socialising! I still have a way to go to get back in shape post-baby, and I’m trying to make general long-term shifts to make that happen. It’s not easy though! X

  7. This seems to be the week where old habbits seem to be coming in from th eother weigh loss journeys im reading. Well done n getting into your 14’s again though! ๐Ÿ™‚ And love your excuse for not to loose any more weight. ๐Ÿ™‚ #weightlosswednesday

  8. I eat my feelings all the time and I use that as an excuse, you know in a “Well, I’ve had a shit day and I don’t drink so really this chocolate is my wine”. Ultimately I’m only punishing myself rather than helping myself but at the time it feels like the right thing to do!! x


  9. I find what works best for me is an 80/20 approach. I have a clean diet 80% of the time and 20% naughty. It works really well for me. It keeps me from splurging yet allows me to have a treat every now and then. I’ve never been into calorie counting as not all calories are the same. Diet coke for example contains 0 calories but paradoxically makes you put on weight. It’s all about the quality of food.
    Hope your knee gets better soon. Those kinds of pains can be so debilitating! Which postnatal DVD are you using?

  10. I think just the idea of being on a ‘diet’ hinders your ability to lose weight long term. All these fad diets are great while you’re working it; you’re losing weight and don’t really mind not eating the nice food (some of the time) but then you eat normally again and the weight piles on. So what’s the answer?

    For me it’s all about maintaining a steady balance. If you fancy a chocolate bar then have one but make it the only sweet thing you have that day. Fancy a take-away? Go ahead but go for the smaller portions. If we cut out the things we enjoy eating we crave them more. And yes, when you have a KFC you ARE going to put weight on, but if you eat healthier it will be easier to lose that weight again.

    Weight gain/loss is a thing I’ve battled with for years, even now I’m battling. But what I’ve found is that I can control it myself, I don’t need a diet in order to lose weight. All I need to do is eat healthier. I used to have knee pain too and didn’t exercise because of it but I found that yoga helped and any kind of exercise where I wasn’t putting pressure on my knee – like an exercise bike. It’s all about finding something you enjoy.

    I hope you’re knee gets better soon and enjoy that wedding. xx

  11. The WW plan is awesome for the fact you can still have the foods (and drink) you like just in moderation. I certainly worked for me to kick start everything but am finding calorie counting much easier in the long run.
    Hope your knee is ok – sprained my knee when I first started running, knocked me out for just over 3 weeks, it was awful, I could hardly walk. The doc said to actually keep exercising on it and commended the knee support I had (from Boots – was great!) Everything seems to be ok now, but I am conscious of the fact it could go again at any time. Take is easy chick! Thank you for joining up with #WeightLossWednesday – hope to see you again later in the week! Sim x

    • Thanks lovely and interesting about your knee, my support is actually helping so much and it is getting better even as I am using it, which is really good! Xx

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