#MaternityMondays week 7!

Welcome to #MaternityMondays week 7! Thanks so much to everyone linking up, we so love reading all of your posts.

Last week was Emma’s turn and here is what she had to say about your fantastic posts.

Loving Life with Little Ones was really close to my heart. Sarah is expecting baby number three and is wondering how she will manage with two other children. I thought the same going from one to two but, so far, we have managed so I am sure everything will be fine.

El and Baby A’s Ode to Mickey Mouse was fabulous. We love Minnie in our house but it is the same kind of thing. Minnie wants to go to bed, eat her vegetables and get dressed on a daily basis so this was right up our street.

The Determined House Wife made me a bit sad. Children do seem to grow to quickly and, while I can still blame hormones, I did have a few tears in my eyes reading this one.”

This week has had highs and lows, after jinxing myself by metioning that LM was sleeping through the night, she now isn’t, at all! But nevertheless I did manage to get a bit of much needed Mummy Me Time last week which was lovely, but hubs had a busy week and didn’t have a very good day with LM while I was gone. All I will say is having kids (especially babies) can be tough on your relationships but thankfully we have a sollid foundation to help through trickier days. We don’t really celebrate Valentines day but we have been making a bit more time for each other this weekend and trying to communicate better, which has been very lovely.

This week I am linking up a post all about my gorgeous kiddies and their developing relationship as siblings :).

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5 thoughts on “#MaternityMondays week 7!

  1. Kids always throw you a curve ball when you think you’ve got sleep cracked. We’ve had more nights when we’ve gone all the way through recently, but every now and then I find myself up and bleary eyed trying to find a stuffed toy or drink or water. Hooray for mummy time though! x

  2. Thank you for the positive comment Emma and Caroline, I hope you get some more sleep soon, is it a growth spurt or teeth? I’m afraid i’ve linked up a post from last week as the dreaded sickness bug hit little 2 this weekend and I haven’t written anything!

  3. I hope you have a better week ahead. Sleep uncertainities litter many a parent’s life … unfortunately there isn’t a guaranteed solution. Somehow, we find the courage the battle on.

    I dropped by to add my badged up post but once again, I missed the deadline. I’ll hopefully be more organised next week.

    Thanks for the linky.

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