This too shall pass..

My word of the week this week is fortunate. Now for most of the week I actually would not have chosen this word as it has been a bit of a week, but bear with me!

Friday Hubs came down with a flu type bug. It started as a cough and got worse, bringing a nasty fever with it. By Saturday he was extremely poorly, spending a lot of time in bed with a fever and he was a bit delirious. He was a bit of a zombie so he was in bed while I looked after the kiddies.

This will sound selfish but this was rubbish for me, as I rely on his help at the weekends to actually get the house in some semblance of tidiness and stay a bit sane. Worst of all that it was this particular Saturday though as I was due to visit one of my best friends in London for her birthday and I had been looking forward to it for such a long time and it was now in jeopardy. With my pregnancy being a bit rough last year I cancelled plans a few times to go and visit and this was the time that I should have no reason to cancel. Until all of a sudden I did. A really poorly husband. I spent a lot of the day really very unhappy as I felt like an awful person for even considering leaving, or wanting to leave, but I did want to. So so badly. It was a bit of a vicious cycle.

Thankfully hubs’ fever broke in the afternoon and along with reinforcements in the form of his parents he felt able to take care of the kiddies. So it was a very late call but I made it to London and had a really lovely chilled evening with the girls and restored my sanity a little.


I got home at around 1am to find hubs awake and that Monkey was now not well either. He had had a little cough too but had otherwise been fine in himself all day. The trouble with coughs is always the night time isn’t it? They interrupt his sleep and he gets himself so worked up that he ends up being sick and I hate it. So he was up a couple of times and hubs and I were both on edge all night that the coughing would wake him. LM then woke up at 530am. Hubs got up to feed her and 10 mins later Monkey woke up crying so that was the start of our Sunday.

Sunday wasn’t terrible but it was very chilled and entirely focussed on Monkey and keeping him happy. He was the poorliest he has been in a long time and spent a lot of the day asleep actually and hubs and I tried to chill out as he was still poorly too and I was knackered after the trip to London and lack of sleep. WP_20150224_11_23_51_Pro

Monday Monkey rallied and seemed so much better so he went to Rhyme Time with Nanny & Pops as usual and Playgroup in the afternoon. He was fine until early evening when he suddenly dipped and Monday night was awful again with coughing and getting himself worked up and being a little sick. Tuesday he was not himself and we tried to chill out – though he doesn’t like relaxing our boy and wants to be on the go. His eyes were drooped and he couldn’t stop yawning but no “I ok, I not tired” hmm really.

We watched Winnie the Pooh and managed to get a healthy lunch in him then he went for a rest. LM meanwhile was refusing to sleep for no more than 30 mins at a time for goodness knows what reason. With both of them finally asleep I sat down for 5 mins and then Monkey’s coughing started, and continued. He got upset so I went up and he vomited all over me, himself, his bed, cuddly toys, floor, well everywhere. I tried desperately to keep him calm so that he didn’t wake LM and got him in clean clothes, downstairs and calm in front of the TV while I got myself changed and did the clean up operation upstairs and got the first load of washing ready to go on when LM woke up. I am not joking I washed my hands 4 times and they still smelt of vomit. I was so not happy.

Then LM woke up, less than half an hour after being put down and I was hugely hugely miserable. Luckily hubs was able to come home a bit early that day and help as Monkey was miserable too (understandably bless him) and I was failing to see the sunny side of life after a good few nights of only a few hours kip.

That night, when we had got the kids down and we were listening to Monkey coughing and wondering what the night would hold, I described the situation as being Hell. Then I checked myself.

I looked at hubs and said you know in comparison to cancer or war. What was I talking about? Yes it was a crappy few days, but hell? I mean come on.

Tuesday night was possibly the worst as he was sick a few times but we did manage to keep him a bit calmer with some singing. LM had a feed before midnight and then was up again at 530am. I was still not hugely happy but Monkey was off to Nanny’s for the day and I was determined to get some jobs done and stop wallowing. All week I had been feeling tired, miserable and at mercy of the situation. Feeling really hard done by when the reality is that we are so lucky really.

We have two gorgeous kiddies and Monkey really is very rarely poorly and is such a good boy. He tries so hard even when he is tired and poorly to put a brave face on. I went in to see him when he woke up this morning and when I asked how he was he said “I fine, thank you” I mean what a cutie.

We have a beautiful home. You know when you can’t see the wood for the trees? Well sometimes I feel like I can’t see the house for the mess. A huge thank you to the lovely comments about our home on the post “So, Daddy” as when I look at those photos (aside from Monkey & Daddy sharing a lovely moment) I see the horrible stained tablecloth, the manky changing station off in the corner with bottles of hand sanitiser and piles of nappy bags. The toys and detritus strewn across the table. But what other people saw was the lovely things we have, the dresser, the chairs, and it made me look again and remember how much I love our home.

I have a lovely hubby. Of course he drives me potty sometimes but I am sure I do the same to him, I do think having children can be tough on even the strongest relationships sometimes. But you know what, even though he was poorly, he still wanted me to go to London on Saturday. He totally appreciates how hard I try all week to manage the house and kids and he knew how much getting a little break meant to me.

We have wonderful supportive families who are close by and who love to help. We don’t ever want to be a burden on them but know that when we need them that they will be there.

I have some wonderful friends who understand when I back out on them or delay seeing them that it’s not because I am lazy or I don’t care. They know I would be there if I could and that family has to come first. But they also support me and encourage me to make sure I take some time for myself too.

I said to hubs the other day “This too shall pass” and yeah life is hard at the moment with a 4 mth old and a very poorly toddler and hubs…. but nothing lasts forever and hard days make way for easier ones. We are so so lucky and there are many who are not as fortunate as we are and it is worth remembering that. I think ” this too shall pass” should be our mantra as it is far too easy to get bogged down in negatives and forget how lucky we are.

Blogging has taken a bit of a back seat this week as there has been more than enough other stuff going on, so I apologise for the lack of blogging, sharing, commenting, and replying to comments. My word for this week is fortunate. How has your week been?

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45 thoughts on “This too shall pass..

  1. Aww really get this post. The thing is with illness is it completely screws up your routine and normality. So you feel unsettled, knackered and fed up!! Vomit is the worst. We have coughing and puking x 2 today. You are right though always good to step back and reflect. Hope everyone feeling better and glad you got your night out!! Xx

  2. Aw Caroline! What a week! So sorry that hubs & Monkey have been unwell – it’s so draining for everyone and goodness knows the needs of a four month old can’t be put on hold either. I’m so impressed that you have been able to see past it all – I’m not sure I would have the strength to be philosophical if all this was going on in my life! On the other hand, things can only get better and your highs will be so much better because you know what the lows were like. Xx

  3. I remember weeks like this with my own daughters when they were younger and the fabulous thing about it is that you’re so grateful for normality just as soon as they’re feeling better. Here’s hoping that everyone has made a complete recovery and life can get back to normal x

  4. I love your stance and your thinking and it’s spot on. Sorry you’ve had a tough week though, it’s not easy when one is poorly, never mind so many at once. Hope next week is much better for bugs x

  5. What a great word to choose despite having a tough week. It’s good to take stock and remember that it really isn’t that bad, these phases pass so quickly in the grand scheme of life. I reckon once spring has properly sprung everyone will be much happier and healthier. Hope you have a fab weekend xxx

  6. Night time coughing is terrible-I’ve just had it myself and it’s so tiring apart from anything else. I love your positivity and turning it all around though. I do hope things pick up soon x

  7. Oh, coughs are always hideous at night times, aren’t they? My pair do suffer like that, and they’ve had a couple of bouts of croup this winter that are just evil at night. It’s hard with weeks like that, and tiredness always makes it worse, but I am glad you could take a step back and see the good, too. Lovely word to have chosen and I do hope you all have a much better week next week x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    • They really are and croup is the worst, I was terrified when Monkey had it so I really feel for you! Thak you xx

  8. What a tough week you have had and well done for managing to see the positivity in it all – so much easier said than done at times like this. You’re right, there are so many things to be thankful for although sleep-deprivation and poorliness can cloud our vision at times. I’m so glad that you were able to see your friend and have a nice evening and I hope everyone is better soon and that this weekend will be a much better one for you x

  9. You are so right, sometimes when things are rough and when we’re moaning about it, we have to stop and think that actually, things are not that bad. Then again, it does sometimes give us a bit of a relief to have a good old moan, as long as we snap out of it as soon as we’re done moaning 🙂 I do hope everyone recovers and that next week will be a better one for you guys 🙂 #wotw.

  10. Oh dear Caroline, what a week… At least you managed to see your friends. You look great in that photo (where are the signs of sleep deprivation on your face???). x #WotW

  11. Crikey, that is a week and a half. It is SO hard when one of the adults in the family is ill. This too shall pass it one of my favourite sayings and has got me through a lot of hard times. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo and I hope everything improves for you soon x

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  13. I loved this post Caroline. Life can be crappy at times and I often feel like I shouldn’t have the right to complain- but our problems and our bad times might not be as bad as other people’s, but it doesn’t mean we are aren’t allowed a moment to feel a bit self pitying. We all deep down know how fortunate we are but sometimes it’s good to just feel a bit ‘meh’. I hope you are all better now- Monkey doesn’t look well at all in that photo. xx

    • Thanks lovely and you’re right, we are allowed to wallow a little as long as remember that we are lucky really and nothing lasts forever! He did get better, then came down with chicken pox so its been another week of illness this week sadly! xx

    • Thank you, sadly it didn;t really as Monkey came down with chicken pox, so the positivity has struggled but I think we are getting there now! xx

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  15. Wow how amazing that you can be so positive. I 100% identify with this post. When my hubby is unwell, I’m like ‘argh… my help mate’ I need him. I feel like it’s us against the children to keep the house looking normal and it’s so hard when one of us is out of action. You’re amazing and I hope things keep looking up in future xx #ordinarymoments

    • Ah thank you lovely and glad it’s not just me but I hate when he is ill even though I know it isn’t his fault – so hard doing it on your own! I don’t always manage to be that positive but it does help to try sometimes! xx

  16. Can totally relate to this! Our lives have been like this for a few weeks now and I’ve been feeling very sorry for myself and my family, but, like you, then I have a reality check – yes, I have horrendous acne and nasty antibiotics, yes, my daughter is walking with a crutch, but it’s all temporary and we will be better soon and there are millions of people in much worse situations.
    Popping over from Loud ‘n’ Proud.

    • Thanks Sarah and wow sounds like you are really going through it at the moment! It does help to keep things in perspective though 🙂 xx

  17. This is the second post I’ve read today on being positive despite the circumstances and it’s so uplifting. Sometimes we need to check ourselves don’t we? We really are incredibly fortunate. Thank you for sharing on #loudnproud today 🙂

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  20. So sorry to hear what a difficult week you all had. But I also admire your attitude of being grateful for the good things. It seems your little guy has a positive attitude too, and does his best to keep things going even when poorly.

  21. Its so hard when they are ill! I completely get how you feel re your husband being ill over the weekend i.e. that’s when you need their help! But you gotta keep your head up & soldier on, being (or trying to be) positive can sometimes keep us sane! x #brilliantblogposts

  22. You really did have a rough week. I hope last week was better. I think we all sometimes have to look for the good things in our lives on the bad days. I’m so glad you got your girly time, it helps doesn’t it x (Sorry for my late commenting, I’m playing catch up)

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