Siblings, November

I have seen the Siblings linky for a while and looked forward to being able to join in. It seems like a lovely way to chart the relationships (and ups and downs) between siblings.

I am a little late to the party (and nearly didn’t join in this month at all) as I didn’t really have any new photos of Monkey and Little Miss together since coming home from hospital. He basically stays well away from her a lot of the time!

But over the last few days there has been a slight switch. On a walk to Daddy’s office he wanted to push her in the buggy (she was not happy about the outing at all).WP_20141113_10_03_22_Pro

Then yesterday, she was asleep in the basket while Monkey and I were having a sing and dance to a music dvd. She woke up, and instead of ignoring her he came over to see her and started telling me how cute she is! He’s picked this up from Daddy as he has been talking to Monkey about how cute she is, but the fact he is repeating it and even just taking an interest in her is lovely though.

WP_20141114_16_13_18_Pro WP_20141114_16_12_51_Pro

He even offered her his cheesy cracker after this, so he must be warming to her 🙂

dear beautiful


15 thoughts on “Siblings, November

  1. Oh well if he’s sharing his cheesy cracker, the bond is well and truly forming! Lovely photos and I’m glad that Monkey’s taking more of an interest. Although, Boo adored Little Man from the start which meant keeping a close eye on her so she didn’t over squeeze and cuddle him, so maybe taking no interest is better at this age! x

  2. I’m so excited you can join in :0) I love being able to join in with siblings. I’m glad he has stated to take an interest in the little lady, love the photos. She really wasn’t happy with that walk. Santa might be bringing Little E one of those seahorses x

  3. So so gorgeous Caroline and the one of him peeking into her moses basket is just precious, I have a very similar one of my girls in those early days as well. I hope you are getting on ok and enjoying this precious yet exhausting time. x

  4. O that’s so sweet! Our little man doesn’t have any siblings but when he’s sad at pre-school they take him to the baby room as he loves to give them cuddles! What a lovely post x #magicmoments

  5. Oh these photos are so precious! I’m so sorry, I don’t think I’ve said congratulations either, I’ve been a bit AWOL. Congratulations!! Hope you’re all doing well and look forward to seeing more sibling photos. I’m going to start from January I think 🙂

  6. offering the cracker is a sure sign of warming to her!! I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments – Sorry for the very long delay in getting to you x

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