Stealth Shuffling & Sleep Regression at 8mths

We have been having a bit of an interesting time with our Little Miss of late. In many ways she has settled down, her teething and reflux aren’t bothering her quite so much and on the whole she is a very happy, sunny, smily baby and she can be a joy to be around. But she has reached a point where she very much wants to be on the move and that is making things interesting.

For quite a while now she has been really content to sit and play with toys. Honestly it has been amazing as Monkey never really did this.Β She focuses so intently on toys and can sit for ages and entertain herself while I play or craft something with Monkey or potter about with some jobs.

Now though, she so wants to explore wider surroundings. She is desperate to crawl and making slow progress towards being able to, with lots of rolling onto her tummy and pushing up. She also has quite an amazing skill, the stealth shuffle.

I mentioned a while ago that she liked to bum shuffle in the bath and she now does that in front of her eyes. But the interesting thing is that it is very difficult to detect her movement. She leans forward and sits back up and twists and turns around but seems to be in the same spot… but then all of a sudden she is on the over side of the room and we weren’t really aware of the move happening!

stealth shuffling

Nanny & Pops looked after her today and even they remarked on it. Our little stealth shuffler!

It won’t be long until she crawls either so we need to be even more vigilant about what is on the floor or within reach of little arms. A whole new world πŸ™‚

Blurry shot... but you get the idea!

Blurry shot… but you get the idea!

She is also moving around in bed a lot too and as a result we are struggling a little at nap times and bedtime which, to be honest, is driving us potty. We sleep trained quite young and she has been a fantastic sleeper, as long as she is tired and nothing else is bothering her. But lately even when she is tired and we can find nothing else to be the matter she is miserable about going to sleep and gets very very unhappy.

She also moves herself all over the cot and we come to check on her and find her rolled over, turned sideways, back to front, legs stuck through bars and all over the place. I won’t go into details but it has been stressful and there has been lots of rocking to sleep at a loss of what else to do sometimes.

I’ve read that 8 month sleep regression is common, though again it wasn’t something we experienced with Monkey,and are hoping it is just a phase! Anyone else been through this?


Once she is asleep she still sleeps well and wakes up very happy… we are just at a bit of a loss as to how we can help her remember how to fall asleep in her bed again!

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24 thoughts on “Stealth Shuffling & Sleep Regression at 8mths

  1. I wonder if its anything to do with ‘The Wonder Weeks’ – I found out about this after having EJ and was fascinated by how his funny little phases seemed to coincide almost exactly with the specified weeks…

  2. Uh-oh! You’ll have to deploy those eyes in the back of your head now. We’re coming up to rolling time with Tin Box Baby. I keep telling myself to enjoy this stage where I can guarantee that she’s going to be exactly where I put her down! πŸ™‚ #WickedWednesdays

  3. Shes so blimmin cute though!! Monkey get ready for the baby sister attacks! If it helps to stem the tantrums of ”shes wrecking my towers/train track/queue of cars” I told Jenson that Elsie is like a little dinosaur and turned it into a game it kinda helps stem the tantrum from the preschooler! #WickedWednesdays

  4. So much easier when they’re not moving isn’t it! My son went through the sleep regression at four months old and didnt come out of it until he was 21 months. Soz! Probably not what you want to hear πŸ˜‰ He slept in a travel cot until he was two as he was such a danger to himself in his cot. He would literally throw himself around, hurt himself on the wooden cot bats and wake up screaming – every twenty minutes, every night. He has always been a horrendous sleeper but slept much better in a travel cot because it had soft sides and no gaps. Hope things improve for you all soon.

  5. Ah yes, the stealth shuffle is always a confusing one! My 11 month old is in everything & terrible for thrashing around instead of going to sleep. #SSAmazingAchievements

  6. Oh we are going through something similar at almost 4 months, having learnt how to twist and roll Little 3 keeps waking at night on his tummy, head up on his arms grumping because he wants to go back to sleep, aargh! Hopefully LM will settle again soon. I love the stealth shuffle too, before you know it she will be off!

  7. We definitely had sleep regression (several, I think!) although I can’t remember exactly when – thankfully they always passed. My daughter is doing the toddler equivalent of the stealth shuffle by suddenly growing overnight (it seems) and being able to reach all kinds of things she couldn’t before… #bestandworst

  8. Our baby has been having a ‘sleep regression’ since 4 months. She’s now 8 months. It brings me to tears nightly. Who knew learning new things would affect them so much, I’m glad it’s not just us though! She’s such a wriggler too like yours, thrashing about in her bed I’m not surprised she can’t settle.

  9. I remember my son having so much movements in his cot before. We did co-sleep after but every once in a while sleeping problems would pop up. In our case there are changes happening that is affecting my son’s sleep.


  10. Our lad’s sleeping had always been all over the place so I haven’t noticed any particular sleep regressions. At the moment he’s so busy during the day he refuses to drink much milk and so he has us up every few hours during the night, hungry. Sigh. He does the bedtime acrobatics too. I often find him contorted into the most uncomfy looking positions.

  11. I reckon girls are much better at the entertaining themselves! At least she will have a little play for a while. She sounds very independent and keen to get moving! We didn’t get the 8 month sleep regression but I think she will get back to normal – I’m sure a bit of rocking now and then won’t hurt. We have gremlin still falling asleep in our bed and having to move her!! Thanks so much for linking up to#bestandworst hun and see you soon xxx

  12. She really does love to move, we have had this issue too! We didn’t get bum shuffling but somehow Little E got all over the place and we had on idea how. We are having crying at night before going to bed. Little E is very good at self-soothing but she wants us there at the moment. We have just had to let her cry it out. She has also liked to sleep on her front from a very young age and we have let her, we just check on her every now and then. I hope it gets easier for you soon x

  13. Ooh she’s getting cheeky isn’t she. You’re definitely going to need eyes everywhere now. Hope Monkey is prepared for the fact that toys/books/food will be grabbed and investigated from now on!
    Apart from the sleep issues, it’s a lovely time, she looks so pleased that she’s getting mobile.
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements x

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