Word of the Week? Trying

The word that best sums up this week is



I think this word is perfect for this week as there is more than one meaning.

Starting with the positives, I have been trying out new things this week, starting with my website redesign and then my new linky the Creative Challenge which went live on Wednesday (and is still open if anyone has been creative this week and fancies joining in?)

Monkey has also been trying more with his speech, yep at 21 months we have no words, I know it’s within the normal range but I really want him to talk. And he’s getting closer, I really believe it. I say something and sometimes he tries to say it back. Onion = Oeeeaaa, Garlic = Garya, Zip =Zzzzz. Just a few examples and I know he’s not there yet, but he is trying, which means the world to me.

On to the not so positive side…

I’ve also been trying to find the perfect recipe to make creme egg brownies. This has been a very trying experience as I keep failing! Seriously, how hard can it be? First off I tried to wing it, big mistake, you can read more about that here if you like. The next time though, I followed a recipe and if anything, they turned out worse and we actually threw most of them away!

WP_20140225_13_48_14_Pro WP_20140225_13_49_13_Pro

Not only did they look appalling but they didn’t taste good either, really greasy, there was just way too much butter in them. Such a  waste of good chocolate, butter, sugar etc.  The worst of it was that I attempted to bake these as a way of cheering me and Monkey up on a very trying day where we were both grumpy. Eating all the chocolate and butter and sugar definitely cheered him up, but it certainly did not improve my mood that day!!


It’s my own fault as I wanted to be clever and have mini creme eggs that were within the brownie mixture, rather than full size creme eggs that are kind of sat on top of the brownie. I don’t like to be beaten though so I will be trying again soon. Hopefully I will get it right one day!!

Another trying experience this week was our attempt to cut Monkey’s hair. This is not a fun experience, in fact it is downright stressful. He hates it and cries and squirms and shakes his head about so it’s basically impossible for it to end up looking ok. I know we could take him to the hairdressers, but honestly if we can’t get him to sit still long enough (even with the help of daddy, his fave tv shows, scrummy treats to eat) how the heck would we do it at the hairdressers?

Anyway, this is as good as we could get it.


It looks ridiculous! And I managed to scrape the side of his face with the scissors 🙁 scare me so much!

So yes this week has been partly about trying new things, but it has also been very trying!

What word sums up your week?

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32 thoughts on “Word of the Week? Trying

  1. I remember when my son was younger, he hated having his hair cut and would never sit still, now he’s 10 he’s not much better but he’ll do his best to sit still until it’s over #wotw x

  2. Yay to all the positives 🙂 Now creme egg muffins sound difficult but I’m sure you will get there. And I don’t think that hair cut looks bad! x 🙂

    • Thank you, hopefully I will get there and thanks for saying his haircut isn’t too bad, it’s just so uneven though, good job he’s cute! 🙂 xx

  3. Is it wrong that I laughed at the cakes?! It’s only because I know exactly how you feel-it’s the waste of good ingredients that really grates isn’t it. You’ll get there though-you strike me as very determined 🙂 By the way, my son was terrible about hair cuts, but we found he behaved better when a stranger cut his hair (although they do come to the house and aren’t really a stranger anymore as she’s a friend now too!)

    • Haha no, I had to laugh too so I didn’t cry! haha It is, such a waste!! Ha ha hmm determined/ stubborn 😉 Oh that is interesting, maybe the hairdresser would do better, may be worth a try! xx

  4. All the best with the linky – always a bit nerve-wracking when you set one up.
    Love it when the speech comes in – one of my fave memories of my three children. Now they never stop talking and often arguing so you treasure this precious time.
    A word of advice – good enough is good enough

    • Thank you, it really is nerve wracking, but I am so pleased I wasn’t completely on my own so I count that as a definite success! Ha ha yeah lots of people say that, I hope that because its taken so long we will appreciate his speaking so much (to start with anyway!). I know you’re right, I’m far too much of a perfectionist, even though I don’t believe in perfect! xx

  5. Great word, with both meanings! We’ve a haircut for Boo booked in tomorrow, and she’s never keen, so I’m hoping it goes well. I’m dreading Little Man needing them, as I just know he’ll hate it! I’m sure Monkey will soon be nattering away, too, it’ll probably come up really quickly once he starts. I’m not a perfectionist at all, so I rarely ‘try’, if that makes sense? I just ‘do’ and it either works or doesn’t! I’m very slap dash like that 😉 Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

    • Thanks 🙂 It’s just no fun is it? Hope Boo’s goes ok and that little man doesn’t hate them too much! Thank you, I hope so, can’t wait for the words to come! Oh I wish I had your attitude, I am definitely a try-hard sometimes! 🙂 xx

    • I’ve seen your post about them and the looked yummy! Besides as long as they taste ok it’s fine, I wish mine would at least taste nice!! 🙂 xx

  6. Sounds like Monkey’s speech is coming together! I used to stress over JJ’s lack of speech – he was a really late starter (not sure if his constant dummy use hampered things!) and when he first started he sounded a bit like the Swedish chef – an awful lot of sounds coming from the back of the throat! He’s got there in the end but I think I might have the same thing with EJ because he loves his dummy too and, at 19 months will only say “yes”, “no” or “yay!”. Sorry I haven’t got around the joining the Creative Challenge yet – there just never seems to be the time when I’m always coming or going from either work or playdates we’ve crammed in in my time off! Keep trying with the cakes – when you get it right it will all be worth it! X #WotW

    • Oh it’s nice to hear we aren’t the only one with a late(ish) talker, so many little ones are jabbering away by now! I try not to worry about it too much, especially as we are seeing progress but I can’t wait for words. haha I love your description of a swedish chef, read that in a shop and burst out laughing! Oh don’t worry, I know what it’s like! Making it a weekly linky so would love it if you could join in when(if) you get the time 🙂 I hope so – have just bought a load of chocolate and creme eggs in bulk to try again at the weekend! xx

  7. I am really hopping that the cream egg brownies work and you can share the recipe. I am intrigued!

    Sorry the week has been so trying though. Hope next week is less so. And thats not at all a bad job on the hair. I have seen much worse.

    #wotw xxx

  8. I’m pretty sure neither of my children really said anything properly until they were two. And I remember stressing a bit about it too. But they both caught up really quickly and I would say they were so busy absorbing words to use that they almost started with sentences when they finally were ready! Great word though – I think the cakes sound amazing and will be first in the queue when you do get it right. I assume you’ll be sharing, of course!!

    • Glad to hear Monkey isn’t the only late(ish) talker, and I’m glad I’m not the only one stressing about it! I’m sure he’ll get there and it’s nice to see some improvement! Ha ha of course I will! Will let you know when I manage it! xx

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