Battling boredom and keeping busy

As I have written before, being a stay at home mum is the right decision for me at the moment, because I am lucky enough that we can afford it, and because I like being the one to teach Monkey and to watch him grow. Even though I am confident that it is the right decision for me, it isn’t always easy and some days are definitely more difficult than others. Boredom is one of weirdly hard things about it. We live by a routine as it is the best way for Monkey to be happy and healthy and therefore the best thing for me. But  as with any routine, this can lead to monotony. Particularly as Monkey gets older and needs my constant attention a lot less.

Playtime with friends

Playtime with friends

With the grandparents

With the grandparents


I’ve known for a while that one of the key things to do as a stay at home mum is to get out of the house every day. To get some adult company where possible, to help Monkey burn off some energy, to get a change of scene, you get the idea. This helps with boredom somewhat as it keeps us busy. We go with friends and other kiddies to parks when the weather is good, and indoor soft play places/cafes with play areas etc, when the weather is not so good. We visit relatives and have relatives round. We go to the shops, shopping centres, garden centres (he particularly likes fish and pet areas) or sometimes just for a walk round the block.

Playtime with friends

Out for a walk







This does help a lot but doesn’t really solve anything, and on days where we have nothing planned and the weather isn’t great for getting out…. I can get quite moody and irritable. I just don’t always know what to do with him to burn off some energy and keep him going. We could obviously always go to a garden centre or shopping centre, but I am also not a huge fan of wandering aimlessly with no purpose so if I don’t need (or can’t afford) to buy anything then I don’t like going. So that is when I come up with all sorts of playtime ideas, but even those don’t keep him occupied for that long.

Yummy Red Velvet Cake

Yummy Red Velvet Cake


Having fun with crochet

Having fun with crochet

Even when we do keep busy  together, it’s not usually very mentally stimulating. I can absolutely understand why some mums want to go back to work, because they need something else for themselves. I understand that completely and because of this I do question my decision at times, though for me all of the reasons I chose to stay at home, outweigh this one thing. But I do also recognise that I need some mental stimulation. This is why I crochet and do other crafty bits. It’s why I bake and cook to challenge myself (when I am not on a diet at least haha). I think a lot about home improvements and do all the household budgets, manage hubby’s business account. I also read a lot and I do most of the housework too but that doesn’t stimulate my mind! haha


If we didn’t know we wanted baby number 2 within the next year or so, I think I would be looking to go back to work now, but as it is there isn’t any point trying to find a job at the moment so I will just have to keep busy and find new ways of battling boredom until number 2 comes along, and then we will just wait and see how I feel after that. I think about studying something or even doing some work from home part time, but again I am not sure that I am ready to commit to anything like that when I know we hope to have another baby at some point, as I am sure I will have much less opportunity to get bored with 2 little ones in the house! At least until number 2 is a bit older.

Any other stay at home mums get bored sometimes? How do you keep yourself going?

7 thoughts on “Battling boredom and keeping busy

  1. I know what you mean about the monotony. Obviously, I blog which helps, and I run my cards business, which I pick up & put down to suit me. What I’d say, with you mentioning baby no 2, is that you definitely don’t have time to stop and think with the pair of them, and days fly by, but that doesn’t necessarily make them more mentally stimulating. I have to plan daily activities in with them, for me as much as for them!

    • Ooh yes I forgot to mention blogging, blogging definitely helps break up the boredom and give a sense of purpose. I can imagine you are 100% right about baby number 2 too, both about days flying by and the lack of mental stimulation! Planning daily activities is definitely the way to go!!

  2. I also sometimes feel very bored. I just go out everyday to keep my sanity. When my husband is at work, I count the hours because I need someone to share the responsibilities of the baby. My mood is up and down. And the days fly. That is all.

    • Oh yes I can absolutely relate to that, I am usually counting the hours until hubby comes in at 6! Good to know I am not alone in feeling like this!

  3. Tell me about the days just disappearing! My daughter was 10 months yesterday and look forward to having a good read here (Mummy had enough of me asking “what do you do all day” so after 7 months said she’s going back to work three days a week leaving me holding the baby)!

    Thanks for taking the time on this.

    • Hi Richard, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! 10 months was about when I started the blog so hopefully you’ll find some useful ideas on here for those busy days :) Sounds like you have a good arrangement and I hope it works out well for you. Lucky girl getting so much time with both parents!

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