An Autumnal Week and a visit to NT Box Hill, Surrey

I love Autumn, I always have. All the gorgeous colours on the trees and the best days are the ones with a clear blue sky and a crisp feeling in the air. We have been really lucky I think with the weather so far this autumn and there has been some really glorious days. We are also really lucky where live as we are surrounded by trees and I love seeing all of the colour when I look outside or go for a walk.autumn 1

Our week started off with a lovely trip down to London. We started in the east visiting some very good friends of ours in Bromley. Both of their kiddies are almost exactly 6 months older than each of ours so it is lovely watching them all grow up. We wrapped up and went for a play at the local park and the littlies had a lovely time… but unfortunately both the older 2 fell and hurt themselves, which led to Monkey having an epic meltdown which was a real shame.Bromley

Then we drove west to stay overnight with my auntie In Raynes Park. From there we went to Box Hill in Surrey to enjoy some gorgeous autumnal scenery. I remember visits to Box Hill as a kid and it was lovely to share it, and the amazing views, with hubs and the kiddies.20151011_101243

It was a glorious day and we had a great time exploring – though it is worth noting that many of the trails, including the Hill Top Stroll, areΒ really NOT suitable for buggies. LM did not enjoy bouncing around all over the place and in some areas we had to carry it anyway as it just couldn’t get over the stones and tree roots so we gave up after a while and just carried her or let her walk. Some of the trees are magnificent though and it was also really fun walking past cattle which grazing on the hill 1

There was lots to do and we enjoyed a gorgeous bit of sloping hillside with magnificent views… though we nearly lost the ball a couple of times and had to run and catch it!box hill 2

There are a lot of natural play areas to explore and a nature play trail… unfortunately we only just started on this route before Monkey fell and scraped himself on the logs, giving him a huge graze on his side. Bless him this led to another meltdown and in some ways I don’t blame him but he really is a drama queen as his meltdowns are the same for a tiny cut as a nasty one. Anyway he wasn’t much interested in playing any more after that so it was homeward hill 3

Monday dawned very wet and miserable and with hubs having a crisis at work and me with PMT it was definitely a gloomy start to the week and I was honestly so grumpy, bored and just fed up. But I have decided to snap out of it and stop being so moany as I am so lucky to have the life that I have and wouldn’t want it any other way.

So the rest of the week has seen some lovely autumnal strolls with the kiddies. Now LM has some proper little boots to walk about in that keep her feet dry in the wet grass we are able to get out and explore a bit more on foot. We don’t get very far as she is fascinated by every blade of grass but still it is lovely to see her wandering about and enjoying the fresh air.autumn walks

Finally, on Thursday LM and I visited one of our favourite local farms (Sacrewell Farm). A neighbour gave us a voucher that expired this week so though it felt weird to go without Monkey I decided it worked better for the two of us to go alone, and actually, we had such a lovely time! She loved all the animals and really enjoyed wandering about and chasing the pigeons and even though it was a really wet and miserable day it was such a lovely morning. LM went through 3 pairs of trousers though with all her plonking on her bottom – I have ordered her some waterproof trousers and they will come in very handy for the rest of the autumn and winter!farm fun

So there we have it, a very autumnal week this week and now I have got over myself and stopped acting like a mardy teenager I have really enjoyed myself. How has your week been?

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32 thoughts on “An Autumnal Week and a visit to NT Box Hill, Surrey

  1. You had a lovely day for it hon, and you’ve taken some great snaps. We went to Box Hill last summer and everyone had a ball. Probably have to wait until F is a little older and can walk up it himself now, because I won’t be carrying him or a buggy, but we’ll definitely go back. Sounds like you’re enjoying Autumn so far. Love this season xx

  2. Sounds like a lovely week of getting out and about and those views from Box Hill are just glorious. Love LM’s little boots – we’ve just bought a pair of these for Sophie too. Poor Monkey falling over and hurting himself – love the photos of him with his friend though and hope that he enjoyed himself in spite of having a couple of meltdowns over falling over.

  3. Aren’t the colours of Autumn just gorgeous?! When you put all your photos together they deliver a lovely montage of russets and greens – I just love Autumn!
    Box Hill is a lovely place to visit and it looks like you all had an absolute ball.
    Lovely post

  4. What beautiful views you took in there, and that cow really was close! Autumn is so very pretty and some of my fondest memories of having both kids at home with me during the week are of autumn outings to the park, collecting conkers, acorns and leaves and kicking through piles of leaves, too. Glad you’re managing to make the most of it x Thank for sharing with #WotW

  5. Lovely autumn post with some beautiful pictures! We’re off to London next week so hopefully we will get some nice autumnal shots too. I’d have felt a bit un-nerved at how close that moo got lol. #theprompt

  6. What a brilliantly busy week you’ve had so totally jam-packed with all that outdoor fun, It’s great to see LM up on her feet and enjoying exploring as much as Monkey. The photos of Monkey and LM with your firends kids are adorable, it’s a shame both of the older two injured themselves when they got to park so didn’t really enjoy the outing too much. It looks like you’re all having a blast making the most of the open spaces on box hill, it’s amazing how close those cows came! Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

  7. You all seem to have had a lovely time despite some unfortunate moments. Autumn is a great season to get out and about. I always forget to take my camera with me so I enjoyed your lovely pictures.

  8. I love autumn, it’s so beautiful. Box Hill looks lovely, shame about the falling over, but sounds like you all had a good time. That farm looks great too and LM seems to be really enjoying it. x

  9. I’ve never been here despite not living too far away. Once Mini ATWWAH is more mobile we will head there for the day though. My two love getting wet and autumn is the best month of the year #MondayEscapes

  10. What a wonderful week you had! I adore autumn, and seeing all the beautiful colours makes for gorgeous walks. Looks like you all had such a good time πŸ™‚ Lovely to see LM joining in all the fun. Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

  11. I’ve also tried to get out and about as much as possible just lately. Firstly because I love Autumn, but also because I’ve been a bit stressed and down, there’s nothing better than heading outdoors to clear your head and cheer you up. It looks like you’ve had loads of fun πŸ™‚ #MondayEscapes

  12. Looks like a great week. We’re not too far from Box Hill but I never think of going there for a walk but it looks great fun (apart from that cow being a little too close for my liking!!). #Letkidsbekids

  13. We often visit Box Hill as we live in Surrey, and we love it there. My hubby once got stranded on the tree swing above the river, it was hilarious, he had no choice but to jump in! Sarah #letkidsbekids

  14. Love Box Hill. Though always intimidated looking up and thinking, ‘are we really going to climb that!’. Denbies Wine Estate, Leith Hill and Ranmore are other good walks if you’re looking for more in that area #whatevertheweather

  15. Fantastic photos, I love all the beautiful autumn colours. Monkey and his friend look so happy playing together. A shame about the meltdowns, but it just shows that he’s a sensitive little boy he needs lots of love. My O is the same, although definitely getting better now, especially if he’s slept well (A is so cute and just want whatever is sore kissed and then he’s fine!). Hope you get lots more lovely autumn days this week.
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather πŸ™‚ x

  16. Awww LM looks so cute running around in her little outdoors suit. I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better after a good week. It looks like you’ve been so busy! Box Hill looks so beautiful and the farm looks like a lot of fun too. I love getting to share old places I visited when I was younger with my family. Surrounded by the beautiful colours of autumn and getting to wrap up all cosy and spend time with the family. Nothing beats it does it! Thank you so, so much for sharing this on #whatevertheweather x

  17. Oh lovely photos. We love Box Hill, it’s very local to us and we go there all the time – mainly to look at that view and the Nature Woodland Trail which is just brilliant for little ones. Ps. You are allowed to feel moany and grumpy but glad your week got better! xx Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes

  18. What a lovely place to visit. I cant believe how big LM is getting! Thanks so much for linking up to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday and your continued support of the linky X

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