Siblings October 2015 – a year of Siblings!

This month marks a year since my Monkey became a big brother and I started documenting the relationship between my two siblings. It is lovely to look back at how much they have both grown over the past year and how their relationship has grown with them.

This month we have had some lovely moments, especially on our holiday to Menorca. It was the first time they have ever shared a room and I will be honest I was a little nervous about how it would go… but honestly they did so well. The first night we waited with baited breath… but they were both asleep in minutes, clearly not fazed by sharing with each other at all.

A couple of times we tried to get them to nap at the same time during the day and that was a spectacular fail… athough not because either of them cried, instead there was so much laughter coming from both of them! Her standing in her cot squealing and laughing and him sat in bed chuckling. They had so much fun there was no chance of them napping at the same time, no matter how tired they were. They had lots of fun together at various times on the holiday and it is so lovely watching them laugh together.


The loveliest moments came at nighttimes though when we all read stories together on Monkey’s bed. LM absolutely adored this time with her big brother and often wanted to snuggle with him or grab him. Having had a recent obsession with Wall-E Monkey enjoyed pressing his forehead to hers and giving her a “head kiss” so cute!

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LM has always adored her big brother and Monkey is so proud of his baby sister now she is walking and I shared recently just how much fun they have now she is walking independently…. though he does get frustrated by her lack of direction when we go out for a walk and gets very cross when she stops to pick something up, or walks the wrong way! Bless him I understand how he feels as it takes an age to get anywhere.

He also gets very frustrated with her trying to play with whatever he is playing with, or when she launches herself at him and pulls his hair or accidentally scratches him. She does it out of love but she does it to me too and it isn’t very comfortable so again I know how he feels!

20150922_193214 20150922_193203

He gets his own back sometimes though and incidentall she thought this was hilarious! 🙂



So that is my little siblings and their relationship this month, and to mark the year that has gone by here are some of the shots i have shared each month to show just how much they have grown over the last 12 months.a year of siblings

9 thoughts on “Siblings October 2015 – a year of Siblings!

  1. So so cute and adorable! It really is miraculous how much a baby changes in the space of a year isn’t it? I remember finding it hard to imagine JJ and EJ ever being similar enough to be friends and partners in crime but it happens so quickly and now they are so similar in many ways and often to be seen climbing up tall climbing frames together! Xx

  2. How lovely to look back on a year’s worth of siblings photos and love that in nearly every one LM is looking adoringly at her big brother. This month’s photos are gorgeous and really capture the bond between the two of them, you can really see how close they are and whilst I am sure that you do have your moments, it is clear that they have a lot of love for each other 🙂

  3. Oh wow what a year! Happy One Year Siblings Anniversary 🙂 It’s amazing to see the changes when you put the whole year together like that isn’t it!

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