Me & Mine April 2016

Another month over, blimey where is this year going eh? itsle it just doesn’t feel like it is nearly May as it is so cold out there. Makes the few warm days we’ve had feel like a dream or something!

Just a short one as it has been a bit of a week with hubs, LM and I all a little under the weather and coughing all night so not sleeping too well.

Anyway I had hoped to get some lovely shots of our little family from my birthday bbq last weekend, but that just didn’t happen as it was very busy and a lot of fun. Thankfully though I did get some shots of us all on our visit to the local Bluebell Woods at the beginning of the month.

They aren’t the shots I imagined in my head but they are sunny and happy with lovely bluebells in the background.20160409152431 20160409152350 20160409152307

Hopefully the weather will warm up this month and we will manage some more family shots for next months installment of me & mine.

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One thought on “Me & Mine April 2016

  1. Love the photos in amongst the bluebells – even if they weren’t the ones you imagined in your head they are still lovely photos of the four of you. Sorry to hear that you, hubs and LM have been under the weather though and hope you are all feeling better soon x

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