Play time with Uncle Marky

Every other Friday afternoon after work, my little bro pops round for a play with his nephew. He’s quite lucky in that he finishes fairly early and only lives round the corner from us so he often pops over from about 4pm. His name is Mark and as a kid, and as he is 4 years younger than me, and 6 years younger than our big bro, he was always known as Little Marky. As he grew up he lost the y off the end of his name, but somehow, since becoming an uncle, the y has reappeared and he is Marky once again – but this time he is Uncle Marky.

Monkey loves his Uncle Marky and loves it when he comes to play. He loves all his family but having Uncle Marky come round so regularly is so lovely for them both. I have to say I love it too as I am usually flagging in the afternoon and love having someone else to play with the little Monkey. He quite often naps till nearly 5 most days so every other Friday I try and put him down a little early, or I get him up early to maximise his playtime!

Here is a few snaps of them at play on his recent visit. Such cuties together!

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A selfie of the pair of them on Uncle Marky’s phone!


32 thoughts on “Play time with Uncle Marky

  1. Aww, this is so lovely. My brother is called Mark as well – unfortunately he lives in – Essex and we live in London so we don’t get to see him very often. It’s a bit sad – I bet Toby would love to play with his Uncle Mark more often. Your Monkey is lucky he gets to see his Uncle Marky every week 🙂

    • Aww he really is so lucky, I’m sure Toby still loves seeing his uncle mark when he does get the chance to! x

    • I know I thought that when I read your post! Siblings are great and I love seeing the auntie/uncle bond with the little ones! xx

  2. Ahh bless them uncle time is the best. I wish my siblings lived closer so they could get to know my kids. You are very lucky. I should say Monkey is lucky! lol What a lovely lovely post.

  3. How fun! Uncles are the best. My kids have alot of them, as my husband family has four kids, with one girl, and my family has four kids with one girl. That’s great that your brother lives so close!

  4. Uncles are the best – my z loves both his uncles to bits although does end up fighting with my little brother quite a lot and then you have to tell both of them off! Constantly!

  5. Love this Caroline! I feel sad that my kids don’t have a closer relationship with my sister – I had much more input into her kids lives when they were little because I was young and child free myself – I used to go to their Stagecoach performances and nativities and I’m godmother to the youngest. Now I have children and hers are teens we see them a lot less and of course she doesn’t have the time or energy to come all the way out to visit us and do things specially for my boys and that’s completely understandable and just the way things have worked out. So lovely to have that Uncle/Nephew bond going on though. X #magicmoments

    • I am so pleased he can spend so much time with his families, it is definitely a great perk of living close by to each other! It must be hard at times being so far way, thank goodness for modern technology, though I know it just isn’t the same! xx

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