A Winter Wedding

The last couple of weeks have been pretty rough and this weekend on the whole wasn’t much better. Hubs had seemed like he was getting better, then got hit with a hideous sinus infection which took him out for most of the weekend. We were abandoning various plans, but knew that on Sunday we were due at the wedding of some really good friends. So Sunday morning Hubs was at the walk-in centre getting antibiotics for both sinus and chest infections, and some strong painkillers to get him through the day.

We questioned the wisdom of going to the wedding but really, its a wedding! It’s a one off event for the bride and groom and we would have hated to have missed it. Monkey was already planned to spend the day with Grandparents, so off he went leaving hubs and I a bit more time than normal to get ourselves ready.

So for the first time since LM was born I sat and straightened my hair and put some slap on. I got into a pretty dress and control tights (squeezing into them was a bit of a challenge as I very much still have baby weight on!) and it felt really nice to make a bit of an effort for a change. Lately has felt like survival and even having a shower, let alone washing my hair, has been like a luxury some days so this felt very special!

LM had a new dress for the occasion and I have never put a baby in a dress and tights before so the tights were interesting (they were a bit big too so she looks slightly nora batty ish) but she looked adorable. 🙂

So off we went and had a wonderful time. It was a beautiful day and we were so glad we went. LM was good as gold and slept throughout, meaning that actually hubs and I could sit and relax and just chat, with each other and with friends. At home life seems so busy with the baby and the toddler and there is always so much that needs doing that sitting and relaxing doesn’t happen much at the moment. Being there actually forced us to do just that and it did us both the world of good to just be us for a while.

The bride was beautiful and they were both so happy it was a really lovely, I love a good wedding. It was a really intimate ceremony and we felt so privileged to have been included and would have hated to have not been able to go.

So here is a few snaps of us in our glad rags, enjoying a lovely winter wedding :).

winter wedding

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19 thoughts on “A Winter Wedding

  1. The wedding looks fab and so lovely to have the opportunity to get dressed up and relax after recent trying times. I do so love that pic of Little Miss with the huge feet 🙂 too, too cute! Xxx ps hubs looks really good on all that medication too – not a red nose in sight!

  2. Ah you look lovely hun! Baby tights NEVER EVER fit! It is like the law or summat. I remember getting my girl all dressed for christmas with a whole world of bagginess! Have a really lovely Crimbo with your little family xxxxxxx

  3. I feel for baby’s in tights, they seem to not bother them but they always somehow look like they need pulling up constantly don’t they? You guys look gorgeous though and it looks like a really lovely wedding!

  4. You look gorgeous hon, I’m so pleased you went and had a lovely time. Really hope everyone is on the mend in time for Christmas (it’s been a rough few weeks my end too as you know!) xxx

  5. Ahhh what a beautiful day. Lovely photos. You look amazing. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me and for all the amazing linky support in 2014! I can’t thank you enough. Happy Holidays! #sharewithme

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  7. You look soooo gorgeous!! I don’t know what you mean about baby weight lady. Swit swop!

    So glad you got to get out of the survival bubble, here’s to more of that in 2015 🙂 Happy New Year! hxxx


    • Thanks lovely, haha you ar swet, that is my “post pregnancy wedding guest dress” which is very flattering and hides all the bumpy bits lol! xx

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