Word of the week 28.03.14 Better

Yep thankfully this week has been much


Its not that all of our problems have magically disappeared.We still have a lot going on, but somehow it isn’t weighing me down in the way that it was last week.

We have now seen the condition that the tenants have left my poor flat in, and believe me, it is not good. We are going to have to fight our case with the deposit protection scheme to not return their deposit, as there is so much mould covering the walls, ceilings and carpets. Honestly it is vile and should be very depressing. Yet somehow it isn’t. Yes it’s a pain, but feeling a bit refreshed after some me time last weekend I am able to recognise that it isn’t the end of the world. We will have to pay for new carpets and either clean/redecorate ourselves or pay someone to do it. But it will get done and the deposit should cover some of it and what little extra income we got from the rent has been saved for this kind of thing so hopefully we won’t have to dip into our savings.

Hubby has got another cold, poor thing he just keeps getting poorly lately and I have insisted he take a day off from work today to make sure he rests and recuperates a little. I know he’ll be back on tomorrow (Friday) as “he has too much to do” but hopefully a bit of a rest will have helped him. I guess it is no surprise with working so hard all week and then the amount of effort he has put in for Operation Garden Renovation lately. He definitely needs a bit of downtime!

The plans I had for Monkey and I this week went to pot a bit as the friends we were supposed to meet up with on Wednesday and Thursday both had to cancel, due to poorliness and dentist appointments. While sometimes this would worry me, this week it has been ok. We have actually had some surprisingly lovely times, just us, pottering about the house. My little man is growing up and while he still needs a lot of entertainment from various activities, in many ways he is much easier to please and he can now entertain himself for longer periods of time, pushing his cars about the living room for example.

We had a very lovely, slightly random half hour of giggling together playing with his blankie yesterday. he hid under it, I hid under it, we hid under together, he used it as a cape. So random but lots of lovely lovely fun.


It has not been a perfect week, but judging by my mood you would think it has. I feel refreshed and like a much better, happier mummy than I did last week. Ah the magic of me time!

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26 thoughts on “Word of the week 28.03.14 Better

  1. So glad to feel you have got your mojo back this week! The hospital trip last week and all the tiring work in the garden must have been exhausting but having a positive outlook (and some sleep?!) makes things so much better. I love Monkey’s little game with the blanket! So cute! X

    • Thank you, I am so glad too, sounds like you need to get your mojo back this week (maybe I stole it..? ;)) He is dead cute though after half an hour of the blanket game my hair (frizzy at the best of times) is charged with static electricity and sticking to my face and in the air, not a good look so thankfully we weren’t leaving the house after that bit of fun! xx

  2. Me time is such a tonic, I’m really pleased it helped cheer you up.

    I can’t believe what your tenants have done, how awful! Good luck with keeping their deposit. My friend had a flat and rented it out to two young lads once, when they left she said she didn’t think it had been cleaned the entire six months they were there. How can people live like that?!

    Glad you’re in better spirits lovely. Great #WotW xx

    • Thank you it really has made the world of difference. Honestly, I know, it is insane, I have no idea how anyone could live in that filth, it just begs belief really!! Thanks lovely! xx

  3. So pleased to hear it’s been better. Frame of mind can make a big difference, and me time helps. It does get easier to just stay at home without planned activities as they get older, and it is nice to do sometimes. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  4. Yikes, you’ve had a lot to cope with, but so glad you’re thinking positively about it all – definitely to be admired! Love the photos of your little man, and what precious little moments you have captured. Just gorgeous! E x. #wotw

    • Thank you, it’s not always easy but I try to keep a bit positive and remember the good things, it’s too easy sometimes to let the difficult things weigh you down! Thank you, we have a lot of fun together 🙂 xx

  5. Glad you feel better. Let’s hope you can keep hold of that deposit to go towards the damage the tenants caused to your flat. You have been going through so much and yet you are being really positive, it is refreshing! Mel #WotW

    • Thank you, I really hope so too! Aww thank you, it’s not easy and I don’t manage to stay positive all the time but I don’t like to get too bogged down by it all either, life’s too short! xx

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