My word of the week this week, is Sunny.

Firstly in the literal sense because the last few days have been gloriously sunny. The end of last week was wet and miserable and I was so fed up of the cold but the last couple of days have been the absolute opposite. We had a lovely day today at our local country park enjoying the sunshine with some friends and it was lovely relaxing in the sun – well relaxing as much as you ever can with an almost 3 yr old and a 5mth old!

PicMonkey Collage

LM is also a lot sunnier too. Over the weekend she was so poorly that we ended up in A&E, never fun, but as the week has gone on she has been gradually improving and she is so much happier. We haven’t had to give her any calpol for a couple of days, hooray! Her cough will still be around for a while, and it is nasty, and she’s still snotty bless her but she is definitely improving which is great news. As a result we are seeing a lot more of her gorgeous sunny smiles.


There’s been low points this week as well as high notes of course there have, but everything feels a bit better with sunshine doesn’t it? I hope it hangs around a little as it is good for the soul.

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25 thoughts on “Sunny

  1. This week has been gorgeous! Hated having to go to work! Glad you had a fun week. Well jealous of monkey’s ice cream! LM looks better and cuter everyday! Enjoy the weekend ️xx #wotw

  2. Sunshine is a great medicine isn’t it,
    Glad LM is feeling a little better, our Monkey had bronchiolitis too, not a nice thing for little ones to contend with at all.
    Have a lovely weekend x #WotW

  3. It looks like you’ve really enjoyed your week, the weather has really been lovely I think we all feel a bit blessed by it. I hope LM feels better soon. It’s great to see Monkey out enjoying the sunshine, that ice cream is massive! Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  4. So glad to see that things are looking up 🙂 Sun makes such a difference, we had a lot of rain last week and it was miserable. The sun is shining today though, and it’s lovely! Great photos of Monkey at the park and I like the look of that ice cream 🙂 #CountryKids

  5. Oh no poor you having to go to A&E, glad she’s on the mend though. The sunshine definitely makes life a hell of a lot easier doesn’t it, I’ve loved this first week of school holidays as we’ve spent pretty much all day every day outside (and consequently they’ve been out like lights at bedtime, result!!) xx

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