A lovely ordinary Sunday

February was a bit of a month. It was very busy for all of us and sadly, full of germs too! Illness aside there was lots going on including the big build up to theΒ wedding of one of my best friends on the 28th. As a result it has felt very hectic and hubs and I have been a bit shattered and run down as a result. The day after the wedding, the 1st March, the sun was shining and we decided to get our lives in order a bit.

We do love our lists so we sat and worked out what jobs we wanted achieve this spring, and also what nice days out we hoped to have. Monkey loves lists too so of course he helped :). This was also when we decided to take control of LM’s routine so our day very much revolved around that.

In one of her awake times we decided to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine. With all the poorliness lately we have spent a lot of time indoors and we just wanted to get out and get some fresh air. We are very lucky that we are walking distance to a steam engine railway line, so after checking the timetable we popped LM in the carrier and wandered off there to see a train. We hope to take Monkey on a train ride at some point, but after his fears of seeing the trains at the National Railway Museum, we thought it would be a good idea to get him used to the scale and noise of the train first!

Although it was lovely and sunny it was really windy, which Monkey wasn’t at all keen on and there was a real chill in the air waiting on the station to see the train so he and Daddy had a lovely snuggle.



Soon enough the train arrived and Monkey was so excited to wave to the train and all of the people on board. He cracked me up when the train was leaving by shouting “Follow that train!” over and over again! Bless him I had to explain that it was a little too fast for us to catch!


It was then time to head home and have some lovely lunch. Just a short outing, and hubs was shattered from pushing Monkey on his trike (it is so heavy and unwieldy but with Monkey just getting over being ill we didn’t want to push him too hard or make him walk – good job as little did we know he was actually coming down with Chicken Pox too!) and I was shattered as it is probably the longest I have had LM in the carrier for some time and she is getting heavy!


Hubs and I had soup for lunch but Monkey wanted bread and cheese. As we sat down to eat he exclaimed “This cheese is significant!” lol not sure what that meant, he has obviously heard the word and decided to try it out! As toddlers do! He did the same later, sometimes hubs and I call the kids darling, often when they are being grumpy. After lunch when I was changing LM’s nappy, Monkey came over and said to me “Darling… what you doing?” hehe hearing “darling” come out of his little mouth was so cute. He then wandered off saying darling to himself over and over. So adorable, he has called both hubs and I babe before too as we occasionally say that to each other. Thankfully Mummy & Daddy always return to favour though.

After lunch Monkey helped Daddy sweep out the car port (one of the jobs on our list) then both kids had lovely long naps in the afternoon which meant hubs and I got to have a bit of a rest as we were shattered. It wasn’tΒ a massively exciting day or anything to write home about but just one of those lovely, ordinary days having fun with a toddler (and a baby of course) and sorting a few jobs out. After a busy month with a mix of socialising and illness it was lovely to just have one of these ordinary days, and I hope we get to have a few more of them this Spring.

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27 thoughts on “A lovely ordinary Sunday

  1. How lovely to live so close to a steam railway. Children love the fun of a railway which is why we added ours at Coombe Mill. Ours is only electric but the children still love their daily rides. I love the way Monkey wanted to run after the train, so sweet. A great way to get out and about after your February illness. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  2. We have a train obsessed 3 year old here and he would love this! Sounds like a perfect day out.. Popping over from #theordinarymoments

  3. Fabulous to live so close to a steam railway. I’ve always fancied living where you could see and hear one from your garden. Love the way they pick up a big word and then use it. Hope you see the back of the pox soon.

    • Ah those days are so amazing and one thing to be said about being ill, you really appreciate feeling well again! xx

  4. Sometimes these ‘ordinary’ days are the best aren’t they? You’re very lucky to live so close to some lovely trains – my Little Man would want to be there everyday I think πŸ™‚ Hope chicken pox isn’t too horrendous for you all. Thanks for linking this up at #sharethejoy this week x

  5. How lovely that you have a steam railway line within walking distance and I love Monkey shouting “follow that train” – so cute. The bit about “this cheese is significant” made me chuckle and I love that Monkey was calling you and your hubby “darling” – so adorable when little ones come out with terms of endearment like that. Jessica sometimes says “what’s wrong darling?” to Sophie when she cries and it just makes my heart melt. Thank you for sharing your lovely day out and Monkey’s adorable sayings with #ftmob πŸ™‚

    • I know we are so lucky and he is so cte at the moment, constantly coming out with gorgeous little phrases! That is so cute too bless her! xx

  6. Aw Mads and LL would love to see the trains- how lovely to live so near to the steam trains. This cheese is significant- that’s hilarious- they are so funny aren’t they? It sounds like a lovely family time. PS I love lists too! x

    • Thanks Katie, it was lovely and I know they come out with such funny things don’t they? Haha glad we aren’t the only ones with our lists πŸ™‚ xx

  7. Love that photo of you and your little lady! It’s been lovely having some sunshine, hasn’t it?
    Bless Monkey and his ‘significant’ cheese!!! Love listening to kids (and writing down their funny sentences!). x #fromthemouthsofbabes

  8. What a lovely day! I love that photo of LM in her carrier – and good effort with the carrying πŸ˜‰ Maybe monkey meant Magnificent? this cheese is magnificent – I say that most days!


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